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I recently updated to GarageBand '09. Lots of new amp sounds.

One of my favorite amp sounds from the previous version of GarageBand - "Arena Rock" - is no longer available as an option in the guitar amp section. Are all of the previous amp sounds gone?

And a lot of the new amp models sound hollow and lifeless in this version. For example, the Marshall-clone sounds like a terrible fuzz bomb in just about every amp-type option.

What happened? Or am I missing something?

Is there a way to save "Arena Rock" (from one of my previous songs) as a 'setting' in GB '09?


Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6)
  • isteveus Level 5 Level 5 (4,305 points)
    Should be in Real instruments window > Guitars (previous version).
  • Andrew Greene1 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    Under Real Instrument, the list includes only 'Band Instruments', 'Basic Track', 'Bass', 'Drums', 'Effects', 'Podcasting', 'Vocals'.

    There is no 'Guitar'...
  • isteveus Level 5 Level 5 (4,305 points)
    My Presets live in HD>Library>Application Support>Garageband>Instrument Library>Track Settings>Real

    If they are not there you could check basically the same path starting from user for all accounts. You could copy them from someone else's Mac or maybe see if they will install from ilife or original install DVD in Extras.

    You can build your own and I know there were sites that you could buy bundles of presets.
  • Andrew Greene1 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    Really, really appreciate the insight.

    I also have one preset that I made and it resides in the same place you mentioned on my HD.

    I guess my question is that in the previous version of GarageBand, there were presets called "Arena Rock" and "Big Wheels" and "British Invasion", etc. It appears as though these presets are no longer options. Now there are presets called "Brit Pop", "Chunky Chorus", etc., etc., that were not available in the previous version of GarageBand.

    I can still see these old presets in my projects I had saved with the previous version of GarageBand, but now I can not pick these presets for a new project.

    I did find that you can monkey around with the editing section of an amp within Guitar Tracks. For example, you can add "Amp Simulation" and choose 'British Clean' as an option for the sound... Some of the preset amp sounds just sound totally muddy to me in this new version - but I'm not an audiophile, so I might be missing something more basic...

    Again, thanx for your time on this...
  • Andrew Greene1 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    An update:

    Spent about 30 more hours with the amp section of GB '09.

    First a couple of disclaimers. I am not an audiophile. I have only been playing guitar for 3 years. Not an expert on amplifiers... Finally, I loved GB '08, and love Apple in general...

    Having said that, of the 5 different amp models to choose from in GB '09, the only real usable amp is the Vox clone. The Marshall stack is passable.

    Forget about the Mesa and the two others (Fender clones?). The Mesa sounds horrific under just about every type of guitar track. The fuzz component is a complete joke with this amp. Does anyone really use this amp? Try playing a chord with this amp and it sounds like a furry, fuzzy mess. When I try to dial back the gain, the output level gets so low that you can't hear squat.

    The two Fender (?) clones sound like you are playing through a tin can. and the output levels for these two amps are ridiculously low.

    Is it possible to get any punch or clarity with these amps? I would love to be able to play some great sounding power chords with a little bit of edge to them... If you have some recommended settings, I would love to hear about them.

    Am I missing something here? Can I uninstall GB '09? Should I wait for GB '10? Should I sell my firstborn and get Logic?

    I am using a PRS Custom 24 through an AudioFire 4 into my Mac Pro via firewire. The AudioFire 4 is really an awesome piece of equipment, and truly served me well in GB '08.
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    This guy here seems to have gotten some good sounds
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    Andrew, those guitars FX are in "real" instruments, as Previous versions.
    tell me if you founded them.
  • kingdominium Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)
    Andrew... I STILL have 'arena rock' and the other previous versions on GB and I have GB 09! I think it's because I saved a couple of projects to an external drive. When I upgraded to GB 09 I 'imported' those projects into GB 09 from the external and ALL those cool sounds came with it! In my 'browse' window I list band instruments, basic track, bass, drums, effects, guitars, THEN guitars (previous version) then podcasting etc. I have 'Show All' in the drop down.
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    Yes, exactly as Steve said in the first reply.
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    Is that why you only have 2 little blue things beside your name bro? Just HAD to get the dig in, there didn't ya? Hahahahahahahaha. You rocket science guys are hilarious. Good entertainment!
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    Well, for a non-technical newbie I don't think I do so bad, no-blue-things (anyway the blue bars aren't points awarded but number of posts, I believe).
    It wasn't meant as a dig. Just saying, let's not ignore the answer already posted. I suppose I get my dander up when it seems someone didn't give props where due.
    I think I've usually enjoyed your posts 'til now.
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    Wow I cannot believe how rude Kingdominium is! Fortunately 99.9 percent of the people posting in this forum are not like Kingdominium.

    The blu dot in the bar bar don't really mean much. They never did.

    A few years back your blue dots could increase with the amount of posts you made. Back then all a person had to do was post any gibberish and his blue bar would increase pretty rapidly.

    Then Apple made it a points system. This was better than getting points for gibberish but they also made it too hard for anyone to really advance in a single lifetime.

    Most of us will be at our current level until we go to the restaurant at the end of the universe.

    One because its incredibly difficult to advance forward now, and two because many people simply do not reward points after getting help from their questions.

    We should have a reverse award though for forum rudeness.

    All in favor say AYE
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    In all fariness to Kingdominium, he thought I was being a wise-*** and I can see how it could have been interpreted it that way.
    And I was mistaken. The bars are for total point level. (I was misled by the subforum points being different from total points.) Points are nice but the main idea is to help each other and to learn from others. I sure have learned a lot here and have a lot more to learn still.
    Anyway we're way off topic. I hope the OP has his answer by now.
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    Ya I did poflynn... think you were being a wise** and I was genuinely trying to give that poor fellow who 'lost' his previous guitar versions some encouragement.

    Sometimes you guys are so busy here, you give very short answers which make super sense to you guys, but aren't thorough enough for those of us in trouble. I really LOVE my 'previous' guitar sounds and I hope that fellow can find them! Glad I stopped back here..hahahahaha. You are a fine man! Cheers!