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My 120 GB iPod Classic has, over the last few months, developed a problem with stuck pixels on the display. Sometimes there is a single pixel stuck on black (this may actually be dead), and sometimes there are 7 or 8 pixels stuck on white. The white pixels are definitely intermittent.

Is there a colour-cycling app, or somesuch, that can help 'unstick' them? Any other tips anyone knows? Or, as a last resort, does anyone know Apple's policy on stuck/ dead pixels and returns (the iPod is about seven months old)?

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    After emailing Apple about this problem, I was delighted to be told to send it in for repair under the terms of the warranty.

    However, an email received this afternoon informed me that 'Our technicians have performed full diagnostic checks on your IPOD CLASSIC (120GB) and have been unable to reproduce the symptom(s) you reported' and as a result are sending the iPod back untouched.

    That would be the intermittent fault I reported, would it? I'm sure the next time I have a screen full of white snow at least I can relax in the knowledge it behaved itself at Apple. Cheers.

    Looks like I'll hold off buying that 160 GB Classic for now - I certainly wouldn't sell this one on the way it is...
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    Well, my iPod arrived back yesterday, and it's worse than ever for sticking it's pixels. Excellent.

    I'm tempted to keep sending it back out of sheer bloody-mindedness - I'd take it into an Apple Store, but it'd be bound to choose that moment to behave itself...