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Okay, I've got a problem. A so-called friend of mine said he thought it would be cool to bring up pr0n on my iPhone. He went to a site called camgirlslive.com. Haha. Very funny, didn't work for him because I guess it requires Flash. But there's now another problem. Whenever I type in a URL, and if it starts with a C, the camgirlslive.com website URL pops up to autocomplete in Safari and I can't get rid of it!

Now I've done some research on the net (deletehistory.com) and tried to switch search engines, settings clear, and back and forth with Safari, and while it clears out all the other autocomplete bookmarks, the camgirlslive.com one does not disappear. I've even cleared out all the history and bookmarks in settings and Safari with NO luck.

Any ideas how to get rid of this stubborn website from my list?

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