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I am using iMac snow leopard with airport extreme 802.11n as a router connected to a DSL modemn. My computer is set up at front end of the house, and I would like to use airport Express 802.11n to extend wi-fi range to the other end of the house (backyard). Currently I cannot receive wi-fi signal at the backyard with an iPhone. Can someone pls help to provide step by step instructions on how to set up airport Express with Extreme to extend wi-fi signal?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
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    Welcome to the discussions, kireirandr!

    Your post indicates that both your Extreme and Express are "n" devices, so the "extend a wireless network" feature will work as follows:

    _On the AirPort Extreme:_
    Open AirPort Utility, click Manual Setup
    Click the Wireless tab just below the row of icons
    Wireless Mode should be "Create a wireless network" (It's probably already set this way)
    Make sure there is a check mark next to "Allow this network to be extended"
    Update to save settings

    _On the AirPort Express:_
    Open AirPort Utility, Click Manual Setup
    Click the Wireless tab
    Wireless Mode should be set to "Extend a wireless network". If you don't see this choice, hold down the "option" key when you click on the selection box
    When you select "Extend.." your wireless network created by the TC will appear as a choice to extend. Select it and enter the wireless password.
    Make sure there is a check mark next to "Allow wireless clients"
    Update to save settings.

    Whenever you plug the Express in, it will automatically "extend" the main wireless network from the Base Station. The ethernet port is "live" in this setup so you could connect an ethernet device to the Express if you wish.

    Note...you cannot extend the "guest" network if you have a dual band AirPort Extreme. Only the "main" network can be extended. For more info on the "extend" feature, refer to the Designing AirPort Networks guide, pages 43-44.

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    Should the airport Express be connected by ethernet cable into the modemn or into the Extreme port during setting up per your instructions above?
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    I usually do the setups via wireless. If you are having problems with AirPort Utility recognizing a given device, connect an ethernet cable from your computer to the device you are configuring.
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    Follow up on ethernet cable in previous post. Connect to one of the LAN ports on the AirPort Extreme when configuring the device with AirPort Utility.
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    So, I've got an Airport Extreme base station in the house. In the guest house, my Dell Laptop and my TiVo wireless can both connect to the signal. My MacBook, however cannot see the signal. So, I got an Airport Express, plugged it in on the porch on the side of the house next to the guest house. My Dell gets even better bars now, but my MacBook Pro still doesn't see the signal from the bedroom, but has full bars 12 feet away in the kitchen with window facing main house porch.

    My question is this: can I get another Airport Extreme to put in the Guest House kitchen to broadcast the signal out here. The connection would be, Airport Extreme main house connected to modem, Airport Express on porch to extend, then Airport Extreme in guest house to connect to extended network from Airport Express?
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    Not sure I follow what you want to do here. Are you asking if the Express you have installed now can act as a "relay"?

    Think of the "extend" feature as if the main base station were the hub of wheel and the remotes were located at the end of the spokes. Each AirPort Express communicates directly with the base station, not with another Express (even though there may one located mid way between).

    If you can't log on from the Guest house, then there won't be enough signal there to install an Express.

    If the Guest house is on the same master electrical circuit as the main home, take a look at ethernet powerline adapters. These utilize the AC wiring in the home to transmit an ethernet signal and are a good choice when you can't run an actual ethernet cable.

    Please post back to clarify