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I know a lot of 3g users have experienced problems after installing 3.1....But I have a 3gs and a few hrs after updating my Iphone completely went nuts.

1) First it froze while playing music....after attempting to restart I was greeted by the apple logo, and the phone refused to turn. Multiple restarts and I was not able to get past the apple logo.

2) After about ten tries I finally got the phone on..all of my music was erased, literally nothing in the Ipod of the Iphone at all. I was only able to check email or text for a few seconds after phone turned on. Afterwards the phone would alternate between"Searching..." for service and "No Service"

3) Took phone home and restored it to an earlier backup...the firmware still stays at 3.1...After resyncing everything I restart the phone to test it and it freezes at the apple logo AGAIN repeatedly.

4) Restored the phone AGAIN and resynced my music...at this point the reception is still "Searching" or "No Service"...if I turn Wi-Fi on I can check email and surf the internet but am still unable to text or make or receive calls...

I know other people have had battery problems but has anyone had problems with calls/texts? Im afraid to restart my phone and getting stuck at the apple logo again. Is there anything any one can think of that may be able to help? I wish I could just revert back to 3.0. My phone is not jail broken or unlocked in any way.
Please help

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.1)