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I have about 50 apps I've installed through the app store on my phone. When I tell iTunes to sync my apps (so they'll be backed up for restore), it wants to delete all the apps on my phone & replace them with what's currently in iTunes.

Problem is, there are no apps in my current copy of iTunes b/c I had to do an HD format & OS/program reinstall. Is there any way to disassociate my iPhone with my old iTunes, and sync my already installed apps to my new iTunes?


3GS, Windows Vista
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    The iphone will sync to one library/computer at a time.

    Since you have reformatted, it is now a new library and iphone will indeed erase the itunes content from iphone and replace with the itunes content from the computer.

    You can try File>Transfer Purchases.

    If all else fails you can re-download the apps for free.
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    i actually have no purchased music content that i need to transfer. (copied from old CD's and i've been using pandora for years).

    just need to sync my apps w/o having itunes delete them and then have to reinstall all 50. if i have to do that, i'll wait until my phone needs a restore.

    just seems like there should be a better way. thanks.
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    btw, i tried 'transfer purchases', just in case, no apps transferred and i still have the same issue.

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    I suggested the Transfer purchases option , because Apps are itunes purchases and may be transferred to the computer when you do this.

    If it is not worth a try to you then don't.

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    maybe you miss interpreted my tone (or i did, regarding to your last statement).

    i followed the instructions in your link and my apps backed up to my new itunes. still getting the same delete message when i try to sync apps, but i'm guessing i now let it delete them from my iphone, then they'll resync from my pc, then everything will be happy?

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    It will erase the apps/music/vids from your iphone and replace them with the apps/music/vids from your computer.

    If the apps are now on your computer, they will be synced back if you have selected them to sync.
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    I think this sort of broke with the last iTunes update.

    It was as actually much better at this. It was broke... fixed, then broke again.

    Between different computers, it would automatically detect and transfer purchases, then synch to that machine. No messages of deleting all apps.

    This changed after the lastest update and/or OS update.
    When it says it's going to "replace all apps" - I'm not sure it actually DOES this - I haven't seen it reload every app. But I do make sure to "transfer apps" first.

    And to complicate matters, it really messes up your icons. Before any synching... it display the apps in an order that is NOT the order on my phone.

    If you don't "transfer purchases" - when you synch, your current icon setup isn't read, and not displayed.

    But even if you synch - you don't get YOUR setup! It changes your phone to a default order...but YOURS is still displayed!!

    if you move around an icon or 2... and synch again, you can get YOUR (displayed) setup back.

    All this really makes it a severe pain. It was working SOOOO smoothly before the latest changes.
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    So does it erase all the data sored within the applications when syncing or can you back those up ?