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I have a 32 gig 2g ipod touch. Just recently the 64 gig ipod touches came out. does apple have a trade in program so i can trade in my 32 gig ipod touch to get the new one?

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  • roaminggnome Level 10 (95,027 points)

    They have and may still done a recycling offer where they will give a 10% discount for ringing in your old ipod.
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    You can probably get a 10% recycling reduction, but I'm sure your 32GB is worth more if you sell it used.
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    Apple doesn't have a trade-in program but Small Dog Electronics does. A good working order 32GB iPod touch will trade-in for about $150 at Small Dog Electronics. They're in Vermont and if you don't live in Vermont, no tax. Also, you get free shipping!

    Here is the page:
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    I wouldn't bother. The new ITouch 3rd gen. isn't much different accept that it works faster.
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    Since the OP is planning on getting the 64 gb to replace their current 32 gb it wouldn't be too much to assume that their interest is in the additional capacity. I realize that some people are unhappy with the lack of bells and whistles the 3rd gen offers, but not everyone is concerned about that.

    To the OP, you may want to also check into retail stores that offer trade-in programs if purchasing directly from Apple isn't a must for you. I know Best Buy has a program and you can get an estimate for what your trade in is worth. You are given a store gift card for the amount of the trade in that you can use toward your new Touch. There may be other stores that offer programs like this.