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I've got a (current model) Airport Extreme which I'm about to change to a 2Tb Time Capsule and then use the Airport downstairs to extend the wireless network.

Is there a way I can my configuration out of the Airport and into the Time Capsule without having to enter it all manually again? Is it then a simple case to set up the Airport in the new location to extend the wireless network? The new location has a cable so the Airport Extreme will be cabled to the Time Capsule.



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    My suggestion would be to use trial and error. When I first got my TC, I was using it simply as a backup for my disk, so I had the ethernet run into the wan on the airport extreme, and then a second ethernet into the TC normal ethernet port. It then proceeded to ask me to import the wireless settings from the Airport Extreme. I think as long as they have the same settings for the same network you should be golden. I ran into some problems because I originally set it up to where the TC's wireless network function was inactive, and then when I disconnected the Extreme, and hooked up the modem to the WAN on the TC, I had to redo the wireless network in its entirety. If you can extend the network over two routers, which honestly i'm not sure you can in the first place (at least with some windows routers), you're going to need a massive cat5 cable. =)
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    I found the solution and it was pretty straightforward. With the settings open on the Airport Extreme within the Airport Utility there's an option to save the configuration. I did that, replaced the Airport Extreme with the Time Capsule and just reloaded the saved config.

    Job done.

    Setting up the Airport Extreme to extend the wireless network is proving somewhat more difficult but I've no doubt I'll find a way to make it work.