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Hi - In a folder on an external hard drive I have a folder - My Music. Within this are various folders and mp3s that I cannot get itunes to recognise. I have tried browsing through the itunes Add to Library option, and also by dragging and dropping into iTunes folders. Any ideas? The file types are wma and mp3. The music used to be stored on a pc, and I am now using a mac, so suspect this maybe be an underlying reason.

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    iTunes for Mac will not import nor play Windows Media Audio files. If they're not copy-protected, though, you may be able to convert them with EasyWMA or with QuickTime Pro and the Flip4Mac import codec (not the free version).

    As to the MP3 files, the headers on the problem tracks may be corrupted or nonstandard. This can happen with some MP3 conversion or import utilities, and iTunes is very picky about headers. If you search the web for "mp3 repair" you'll find repair tools. Here's one I've seen mentioned:

    Mp3 Validator Mac version

    I haven't tried it so I can't attest to how well (or indeed if) it works, but other users have posted that it can fix header problem in at least some cases.

    Hope this helps.

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