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Since I bought my iPhone 3G I've been having HUGE problems with having it recognized in iTunes, mostly I have to connect and disconnect and the reconnect it again about 10 times before it finally pops up in iTunes. What happens is that regardless if i first connect the iPhone and then start iTunes or vice versa iTunes just freezes for about one minute until it finally regains control but no iPhone is found by iTunes.

I'm currently running Windows 7 RC 64-bit version but I had the very same problem before in Windows Vista 64-bit, guess it might work better in the 32-bit version...?

Please Apple...I realize Microsoft and their OSes isn't where you have your main focus but considering the amount of users running iTunes under Windows you really need to fix this and quite honestly...how hard can it be...?

Anyone else with the same problem who found a solution to this problem?

Intel Core i7 920, Other OS, Windows 7 RC