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I had to install iTunes from an admin account, but I use it from an non-admin account. When I get the message that there is a new version available, can I upgrade from the non-admin account? I don't want to try it without knowing because I don't want to corrupt anything. I'm on Windows XP.

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    No, you log out of you limited user account and update from an administrator account.

    Personally I don't trust updating from within iTunes and I always download the installer and save it on my PC before running it.


    As I am rather paranoid, I make copies of iTunes Library.itl and iTunes Library.xml before updating, do this with iTunes closed. But iTunes should make a backup of its own when updating. Unfortunately if you have to update from an account that is not your usual one, it will backup the library of the account you update from, not the one you want.

    Added : Actually I may be wrong in my last point. If the backup is made when you first open iTunes and it converts the library, you may be OK. But I would make a copy anyway.

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    Thanks, Polydorus.

    I'm running into "issues" with the way the "upgrade" is presented by Apple which is causing a bafflement, wonder, and infuriation. After download more than 150MB of "upgrade", it turns out that the Safari component is not a Safari upgrade to the iPod Touch, but rather, an installation of Safari on Windows itself. Why there is no distinction between the two, I cannot begin to guess (it goes hand in hand with the equally puzzling lack of distinction between iTunes application on Windows, on iPod Touch, and iTunes the store).

    I don't suppose there is any documentation on how to uninstall Safari on Windows without compromising the operation of iTunes the application on Windows? Apple has its own way of operating and interoperability between things, so I didn't think it wise to simply go to Add/Remove Programs without checking first.

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    I am afraid I can't help you with that, although I did briefly try out Safari a while ago. I didn't like it so I uninstalled it and there no problems for iTunes. Even if there are, a quick repair install would probably do the trick.
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    Actually, your experience as a datapoint of success is helpful. Thanks again, I shall remove it.

    Not sure if Apple is monitoring, but the lack of distinction between apps is surely a recipe for future ambiguity and confusion. If it is a strategy for proliferating Apple products among Windows users without prior consent, my take on it is that it generates neither goodwill, nor confidence in Apple's goodwill, nor confidence in Apple's ability to consider interoperability between platform vendors with the degree of precision that is required.