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In August I went on a vacation in Ireland, and took lots of photos. I loaded them into iPhoto, and even uploaded some of them to my Mobile Me gallery (where they still are). But they're now gone from iPhoto.

What do I mean by "gone"? Well, iPhoto still shows the event ("Ireland Vacation") and the Mobile Me gallery that I made from some of them. But clicking on either of those simply shows empty boxes instead of the actual photographs. Looking in the iPhoto library on my disk shows the "Ireland Vacation" folder under "Originals/2009", but it has no files in it.

There are no kids or similar in the house, so this wasn't a case of someone prying and moving all the photos to the trash. iPhoto obviously remembers that the photos were there, since each blank box has the proper name (in some cases, the name that I edited on the gallery in MobileMe). And yes, the gallery is still on MobileMe, and the pictures show up there.

Any ideas? I can't restore from a Time Machine backup, since (sigh) Time Machine isn't showing any backups older than this morning (that's another problem).


Mac Pro dual core, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
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    1. Stop using your machine. If the Photos have been deleted then they are very likely still on the HAD but there is a real risk of them being overwritten.

    2. Scan your disk with a File Recovery utility such as File Salvage. This will tell you what's recoverable.

    3. Post on the Time Machine forum. It seems likely to me that these issues are related.