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I've spent almost all day installing at least 20 different drivers to try and get audio working under Windows 7 on my MacBook Pro 1,1 (Intel Core Duo). All other devices are working fine except my audio. Under Mac OS X the audio device is identified as "Intel High Defintion Audio". I've tried all the following drivers:

RealTek HD Audio
Sigmatel ITC Audio.

I'm not sure what else to try. Anyone have any suggestions. It should be noted that I do not have a Mac OS X install disc to install the default bootcamp drivers, however I did locate and download the exact drivers included on the Mac OS dvd and those did not work either.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    I'm having the exact same issue - tried many, many drivers out there, but I can't seem to find any that work with Windows (I need to run Windows 7 natively; I have neither the OSX CD nor the Bootcamp drivers). Fedora Core seems to recognize and play audio beautifully, and the driver in use is Intel HDA STAC92XX (Analog). Interestingly, there was another Linux driver called Intel HDA STAC92XX (digital) that didn't work. I'm trying out a few more of these SigmaTel 92## drivers, which I believe are the same line as Intel HDA STAC, and I will post back if I figure anything out.
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    Intel apparently no longer hosts it, but I found a mirror of AUDALLVISTA_6.10.5405_V73_PVIDT.EXE. After installing it, the headphone jack works, but the speakers do not.

    This is kind of aggrivating because I think Apple shouldn't be so withholding about their hardware details. I could only find Apple's published developer whitepapers. They publish detailed audio I/O specs, but neglect to simply mention who made the hardware (SigmaTel or Intel, I guess), and which drivers would work with Windows (you know, that OS that holds a huge majority of the market share, which says a lot) - or they could simply make the Bootcamp drivers freely available for download. Reading through forums - post after post - that's what customers need to know, and it definitely leaves a bad impression to have to spend hours, especially of trial and error installations, of trying to find out something so simple that could be easily made freely available. I mean - if you're going to go with Intel architecture, there's pretty much an industry standard of publishing such hardware details of the product so this aggrivation doesn't happen.