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earlier today I was attempting to download the app when part way thru my phone locked up. I reset the phone numerous times to no avail. I let the phone sit awhile without touching it and on pops the apple symbol, I am then able to hit the home key to wake the phone from sleep mode, and i get my start screen with the slider. After activating the slider to turn on the phone it locks up again showing brightly at the top the signal strength/carrier 3g time and battery strength, very faintly you can make out the lower favorites bar, and everything in between is black. I let it sit, the backlight turns off and prepares to go in to lock mode (if it where working properly)where it locks up good (pressing home key doesn't do anything at this time, not even reactivate the backlight), leaving the phone again we repeat the symbol/resets etc. I have tried plugging my phone into my computer to sync it, back before i tried to dl myspace app. and there was no change.

lost as what I can do at this point to fix my problem. plz help if you can

ps after the self restart, I am able to recieve calls, but only after the restart. I cannot make a call at all.

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iphone 3g, iPhone OS 3.0.1
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    Have been using my iPhone for 6 months. Just upgraded to OS 3.1. My phone has also locked up 5 times in the last 48 hours. The only change is the new OS 3.1.
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  • Brett Kelsey Level 1 Level 1
    Ever since I've updated to 3.1 my 3G phone locks up and requires a hard reset to get it back working. This happens every day two or three times. Clearly this isn't a coincidence and there is an issue.
  • schnidh Level 1 Level 1
    I've been having the same problem. AT&T tried to tell me it was a device issue and that I probably needed a new phone.
  • Brett Kelsey Level 1 Level 1
    If it's only been happening since the 3.1 update then I strongly suspect it's down to that. I'm not sure you need a new handset, and let's face it, what do the phone companies know!?
  • mcss383 Level 1 Level 1
    Same problem here. I have had my phone for 9-10months and not a single lockup and I now get 2-3 a day starting 1 hour after the 3.1 update. I have done the full reset and it has not fixed it. I haven't had the problem with calling out, but I do have the battery drain problem as well.

    I was hoping I would find some answers but so far there don't seem to be any yet.

    I haven't called my not-so-local Apple store yet, but has anyone had any luck taking it to them to fix or replace?
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    I am having the same problem with my iPhone 3G. I had no problems with any functions, apps, battery life, etc prior to the 3.1 update. As soon as I updated, the phone became a brick. SMS, phone, email, safari all have problems. As soon as phone goes dim (power save), none of those functions will work unless I completely shut down the phone and hard restart. Problem returns as soon as phone goes dim again. I tried restore and this did not fix the problem. I am now having to restart 20+ times per day. Not only that, the battery won't last half a day anymore (previously I could easily go 2-3 days). Went to genius bar and they insisted it was not Apple but my sim card went bad and couldn't find the network. So I went to AT&T and got new sim card (free) but problem remains, bad as ever. My husband has same iPhone, same apps, did not upgrade and he has none of these problems. We can sit side by side and try every function listed above and all his work and none of mine will (unless I hard restart). My phone "sees" 3G or wireless, full five AT&T bars and nothing works in spite of it. Apple still insists it is not the update but that is the only change I made to my phone prior to the problem. I am livid.
  • tenfold Level 1 Level 1
    This has also been happening to me after updating to 3.1 on my 3G. Today my phone has completely 'bricked' itself and is totally unresponsive to anything i do, hard reset included. I'm afraid my phone is completely useless and I'll have to buy a new one, all because of one stupid OS update! Apple really needs to fix this soon! <Edited by Host>
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    Had problems before with iPhone just shutting down randomly, since upgrading to OS3.1 on friday, sometimes app's wont open, battery fluctuates between being full to empty an switching off, then after restarting it's back at full. Sometimes it will only work if plugged in to either computer or mains adapter, it's just going mental. I've tried resetting to factory settings, clearing it completely everything that has been suggested by the support website, and it still plays up, to make things worse it's warranty only ran out a couple of weeks ago!Help!it's driving me crazy.
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    Based on my experience, I'd say that it's definitely something in the OS update. I originally had this problem after the upgrade to OS 2.2. My phone would usually lock up at least once a day, usually if I happened to press the power button shortly after receiving an email, or accidentally flipping the mute switch.

    The problem went away when I upgraded to 3.0, but now that I have upgraded to 3.1, it is back. Having to reset my phone 2-3 times a day is ANNOYING.
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    same problem issues before upgrading to 3.1 and now I get terrible battery performance and I have to hard reboot the phone at least once a day due to it locking up when its in standby mode.
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    Same here. Since the 3.1 update I have to hard reset my iPhone 1-3 times a day. It seems that if I let the screen dim and shut off by itself, then I have to hard reset. If I force the phone into sleep mode, then I don't seem to have the issue. APPLE PLEASE FIX!!!
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    Turn off 3G under settings - general - network. That fixed the problem for me. iPhone has not locked up since. You will be using the EDGE network till a firmware update corrects this. Hope this help.
  • Debbie Armstrong Level 1 Level 1
    I'm an engineer. Apple is going the way of Microsoft with the 3.1 iPhone update. BUGGY BUGGY BUGGY, LOCKUP, LOCKUP LOCKUP, LOST DATA, MUST REBOOT CONSTANTLY.

    Everyone seems to be having problems after downloading 3.1 and Apple hasn't said a word about it. If so, where the **** is the "help is on it's way" message, or we screwed up..Something.

    Fortunately I got to my youngest daughter intime to tell her, "DO NOT UPGRADE TO 3.1" She didn't and her phone still works perfectly. APPLE, WHAT GIVES??

    Unfortunately ALL the other iPhones in our house are in BAD shape since the 3.1 update. They ALL lock up all the time, my wife lost ALL her contacts and calendar appointments, and apps. Apple upgraded our iTunes which lost all the old restores. She lost everything.

    So Apple, why did you do this? Who checked this out before releasing it to the public, who signed off on this?? Give those engineers their pink slips.
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