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Hi all,

Hope someone can help. I had my hard drive replaced from a 40G to 160G, but now, when I boot up, my screen has a constant red tint! There seems to no blue at all, and even after wiping the drive and installing a fresh new OS (10.5), and zapping the PRAM, it still has that red tint. I hooked an external CRT to it, and it displays just fine (perfect colors). Can someone tell me if a cable (which one???) or something got loose, or could it be the inverter board or the lcd backlight (from what I could gather from other posts)? Any other possibilities? Any suggestions would be welcome!

iBook G4, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Have you tried calibrating the display? Go to System Preferences>Displays>Color and select your display profile and then click on the calibrate button.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for replying

    I tried to calibrate the lcd, but it does not help at all. When I am using an external monitor, the external monitor changes, but the lcd does not. I think it may be a hardware problem, but I'm not sure. I tried colorsync, profiles, dumping pref files, all the software fixes I could think of, but none works.

    If it is hardware, what would I be looking to fix or repair? Any suggestions would be welcome.
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    I gather all was well before the hard drive replacement?

    Have you tried resetting the PMU?


    If no joy, I would next suspect a cable or possibly it's connection, since that is something which could have been disrupted or dislodged by the hard drive replacement since the iBook was open. So the first thing to check is that the backlight and LVDS cables are seated properly and are not damaged around the hinge.

    Since this problem occurred after the hard drive was replaced, you could probably bring it to the attention of whoever did the repair. They should be willing to check the cables and connections for you at no cost.

    Good luck!