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Ok, I'm sure this has come up before, but trying to keep the interface buttons to a minimum I also want to make them look consistent. Apple has provided a nice "info button". I'd like to consider at most, an undo button, a reset (level) button, and a next (level) button. For my testing, I've used the "info button" 3 times, for info, reset and currently next level, but will likely just use undo). I plan to have a (reset level) and (select new level/scene) in the Info window, to activate upon reset-press (put it in the nav bar with the Done button, or done to select new level or other settings.

So, rather than using words on the buttons, I'd like to use something that is internationally recognized as a RESET. I figure a (back) symbol or (roll back) symbol will be recognized as undo, but reset is giving me a lot of trouble.

Of course I'd like it to look like the "i" for the info button, or is that against the HIG?

Any suggestions, or pointers to an actual international symbol for reset?

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    is that against the HIG?

    What did the HIGs depict?

    You can always roll the dice and wait to see if it gains approval in the app store.

    Icon making/usage info from Apple is here

    I generally consider an arrow running clockwise inside a circle to indicate reset. But....if you're torn, why use an icon at all...give the user a break and make it clear by the use of a button with text, especially if you want to fly internationally. English is ok enough or you could of course localize it as well if that floats your boat.

    [[ R E S E T ]]
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    reststop wrote:
    Any suggestions, or pointers to an actual international symbol for reset?

    Good question. I haven't been able to find one in the system icons for either OS X or iPhone. What we need is part of ISO/IEC 11581, possibly Part 6: Action Icons, which goes for 86 Swiss Francs (about $83.50). I found a couple sites that promise a free download of standard, ISO-compliant button icons, but the McAfee Site Advisor gave one of them a yellow and the other a red. Of course those ratings are for a pc, but I wasn't feeling lucky so I can't tell you if there were really any good icons being given away there.

    I found a couple reset icons here: [http://www.hf.faa.gov/docs/508/docs/wjhtc/tn0212.pdf] (use cmd-f to search for 'reset'). The one I liked is a scrub brush. It clearly differs from an eraser, and might get the idea across as well as anything else. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to add the word Reset for good measure.

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    Actually, the reason I don't want to use TEXT is that for localization in the future, it might take more than 3-4 characters and there is very little screen real-estate in my 480x320 frame. In fact, it's like I have room for total of 4-6 characters to be used among 3 buttons. If I can use a well-known symbol, such as the "i" for information things work a little better.

    Apple's "info" button is about 18 pixels for the circle and a bit more (I forget how big) for the surrounding glow area. My display area for status text and buttons is 480x32, with only 96 pixels for all 3 buttons. Leaving borders and not squeezing the icons/buttons so close together doesn't lend itself for much text. I'm thinking of putting "i" in the lower right, undo in the lower left and restart near the center, next to the count indicator labels, so it's understandable hitting that button resets the counters to 000.

    I'm considering a symbol with a dot in the middle of a ring, a refresh symbol with a circular dotted arrow, a "power" button (broken circle with a vertical line), and a pair or trio of arrows making a circular image. I also need an UNDO, so I don't want the reset to look much at all like undo. If there is an international symbol, then great, else I'll go with whatever looks nice from the above selection, possibly using photoshop myself to modify the image.

    I was considering just pasting an "r" or "R" over the "i" symbol and let the highlight from the "i" make it look as though it was a bona fide system icon. Which is where my question about going against the HIG. After rereading that, I see no reason why Apple would reject my app for doing so.

    An app I've played with from the App Store uses it's own symbols, a stylized "i", a gear, and a star for "info", "config", and "new"/"next". The version I have doesn't have an undo. I spent most of yesterday scouring the internet looking for ideas, and I have a also collection of roadsigns, but none of those seems reasonable to use for a reset.

    I'm not sure a big red button is good either, as that's more of an emergency, and in my game's case, it's more of a, oops I made enough mistakes and trapped myself, just let me start this scene over.

    Right now, my app moves the pieces by detecting touches. I'm deciding on adding flick/short-move in the proper direction to act as directional clicks to give people a little more room to make moves, so putting the buttons that get used the most (undo and reset) at left and center (and not left and right, only because right is better for info IMHO) should work. I thought for a moment to put them along the right side with reset in the middle, close to the home button on the iPod/iPhone, but thought it looked a little tacky and unbalanced. If my app worked in portrait mode, it might be OK.
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    What about something like this refresh icon:


    or you could use something modeled after the windows restart icon:

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    I've done some scouting, and accepted the pointers here and am deciding on using some part of one or more of the following set of images for RESET, UNDO and NEXT. You can see what my choices are at: http://reststop.homeip.net/dev/resets.png

    I doubt that I'll use the Windows RESET, but am leaning toward using one of the REFRESH (dotted circle going clockwise or ccw more likely. Then, I realized that staring me in the face on the Console window for XCode is a little green RESET. If it works for Apple, I might as well clone it, turning it white on black since my background is a black starfield before any pieces are added. (That's why the samples have some black on white and some white on black to see how they look). I thought about an iPhone home button, but figured that's not obvious enough for a reset.

    Undo is a little more difficult and I'm leaning towards one that has 3 curved arrows making a circle, or a stylized BACK arrow. IF I make a NEXT button on the playing field, I may go with the FastForward style symbol.

    I'm surprised there are not more references to these on the web. I found two pretty good icon/button sites with a bunch of free professionally done icons. Not so much good looking buttons.
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    If you use a "Next" symbol, remember to underline it. Without an underline it means Fast Forward.

    For Undo, I like your U-Turn-Like symbol in the upper right corner.

    For your reset, I like the Apple-style one just to the left of the lower right corner, and the one 2 spots to the left from that with the white on black arrow.

    I think the ones with dashed lines though wouldn't really work unless you also had a REDO button... the dotted circles (to me) imply multiple levels of UNDO and REDO