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I recently upgraded to iTunes 9. After doing so I noticed that podcasts that I've added to playlists in iTunes won't transfer to those playlists on my iPod Classic. And when I do find the podcast on the iPod and try to play it, I get a "TV Out Enabled: Please connect Video accessory" message on the iPod, even though the podcast is an audio only format. The same podcast, when downloaded from the website of the group that records it, will play and save to different playlists normally.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and know of a fix for it?

iMac, 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
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    Hello Erick,
    And welcome to Apple Discussions!

    First, I would make sure each of your Podcasts are set to the Media type "Podcast" within iTunes. To do this, locate one of the podcast, control->click on it and choose "Get Info" from the Shortcut menu, or choose it from the iTunes menu drop down list. From there, head over to the Options tab and make sure the Media type is set to Podcast. If not, choose it from the drop down list of options.

    As to the TV OUT message, I would make sure the option is turned off anyways. To do this, head to the Videos category of your iPod and then choose *Video Settings*. From there, scroll to the option *TV Out* and make sure it is set to "Off" or "Ask". Then try replaying your podcasts and see if that helps.

    Also, if you make any changes to the podcast's information in iTunes as noted earlier, make sure you update these changes by re-syncing your iPod with iTunes.

    Hope this helps.

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    I'm having the same problem and tried this, but it didn't work. Does anyone know of any other solutions?
    Thank you
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    I have also experienced this problem. Any podcast on a playlist will simply not synch to the IPOD. (Even though they show up in Itunes). The podcasts themselves synch and can be accessed via "podcasts" but the convenience of using playlists seems to have been lost in 9.0. The only workaround that I have found is to use "on the go." Of course when you save that playlist and synch the IPOD those playlists simply disappear.

    I have tried everything I can think of - VERY FRUSTRATING. Does anyone know if APPLE did this deliberately or will fix in a update?
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    Apple PLEASE do a FIX in a software update
    V9 does NOT play playlists of PODCASTS
    Yes as above and yes they go in a playlist in I Tunes but they DO NOT SYNC
    I listen to the Archers BBC R4 IT is on every day but due to work I only get to listen or update podcast every couple of weeks
    When it was inb PLAYLIST form it played them in the CORRECT ORDER OLDEST 1st
    When in PODCAST mode it PLAYS the in REVERSE order Newest 1st
    This is HOPELESS for a SERIAL Soap opera or the books broadcast in small chunks
    I dont have music and I JUST bought the IPOD toPLAY PODCAST thats why the BBC make PODCAST its named after the IPOD Inthink that this is DRM gone mad they are in the public doamin and I HAVE paid with my TV Licence for the BBC
    APPLE is trying to CONTROL all DRMI held off buying the IPOD for sevral years because of the DRM it looks like now it is confined to the dustbin
    OH yes play them in PODCAST order While I am driving and then try and hit the right button NNO THANKS
    I want to set it on play BEFORE I SET OFFF then let it run through 10 episodes in the right order with OUT me taking my eyes off the road
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    Check for update and install V9.1
    Bow syncs playlist for podcasts and in correct order
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    still isn't working. but I figured another way...I had to set my ipod to manual syncing and then I just clicked and dragged the playlist with my podcasts in my special play order. it worked!