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my iphone isnt working anymore?!?!?!

im using a iphone 2g 8gb.
all at once ive noticed a number of symptoms happen all within 24 hours

first symptom, the home button stopped working

second symptoms, the iphone wouldnt connect to itunes or even charge.

third symptom, network connection was lost and it refuses to connect to t-mobile even though ive had it successfully unlocked and working for sometime

fourth symptom,after the battery died, i can plug it in and it has a slight charge but only goes into recovery mode and refuses to do anything else.

any suggestions on what is wrong. from the research i have done it seems as though it is a hardware issue with the sync connector because that would explain the home button issue as well as how itunes wont recognize it as well as why it wont charge.

iPhone 2g, iPhone OS 3.0