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I've successfully set up my Time Capsule and it's been backing up without a hitch my primary machine (>350GB)for several weeks.

But, I can't figure out how I'd now set up File Sharing so we can have a shared folder so the family can have a common place to put and retrieve files.

Is this possible since I've already set up Time Machine to backup my machine? Does everyone have to use my password to access the disk? I tried to make accounts for sharing -- then I lost access to the Time Machine backup folder.... it seems pretty confusing.


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    Hi dnkmett,

    I wondered the same thing after I did my first full backup - I wanted a particular time machine backup to only be available to the computer/user who owned the backup (not everyone), but I also wanted a shared folder.

    The following steps seemed to work for me to get this going. I'll make the following assumptions (alter the instructions if your setup is slightly different): that your Time Capsule disk has the default partition name of "Data", that you have file sharing enabled, and that "Secure Shared Disks" is currently set to "with time capsule password" or "with a disk password".

    1) In the Air Port Utility, go into Manual Setup and click on 'Disks'. Then click on the 'Accounts' tab. Create as many accounts as you need (e.g. one for yourself for your time machine backup, and a common one for your other household computers). Give any account that will be used for Time Machine Read & Write access; the others can have read-only if you want (they can also have Read/Write).

    2) Change "Secure Shared Disks" to "with accounts".

    3) Update the Time Capsule configuration and exit the Air Port Utility.

    4) Connect to your Time Capsule using your new account (the one for the time machine backup)

    5) You should notice two shares now: one called "Data" and one that is your user name. Connect to the your user name folder, and then disconnect (to ensure the folder is created).

    6) Now go back into Air Port Utility, change the "secure shared disks" back to "with time capsule password", save the configuration and exit the air port utility.

    7) Connect to you time capsule. Under "Data" you should now see two folders called "Shared" and "Users". Move the .sparesbundle file that corresponds to your time machine backup from under the "Shared" folder to under "Users" / "Your Username". Disconnect from the time machine

    8) Go back into the Air Port Utility. Change the "Secure Shared disks" back to "with accounts". Save the configuration, and exit the Air Port Utility.

    9) Go into Time Machine preferences and under "Select Disk" select "My User Account" on your Time Capsule.

    10) Run a time machine back up to make sure it works. It should only back up recently changed files (not a whole backup again).

    Now, any computers that connect using an account that isn't the account you're using for the time machine backup should not be able to see your backup. They can only see the "Data" share (which corresponds to what is under "Shared") and their particular user folder (which resides under "Users").

    Hope that makes sense and works for you too.
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    Thanks for the nicely done procedures. As I went through your checklist, turns out I was pretty close to a solution but didn't really know it. The key was realizing that when creating accounts the existing backup from my machine needed an account. When I went through Time Machine set up first, the backup failed because my machine couldn't access the disk (makes sense now). I reconfigured the Time Machine, and saw that the message this time by the TC icon said something related to "Use My Account" for this...which told me I had to use the "new" Time Capsule account I'd just created for my existing back up.

    Once I fixed this by changing from my computer user name to the Time Capsule backup account name/password, the Time Machine backed up as scheduled.

    I was also able to separately access the shared folder i created using a different account/password and actually add folders/files to the new "shared space".

    Big test will be if I can repeat the process so my son's Laptop can use his new account as the Time Machine backup disk (as I use mine).

    Thanks for putting it down coherently. Being forced to go back to step one, knowing that there was a workable solution put me on the path of success.