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Elizabeth Pass1 Level 1 Level 1
Please could you tel me how to reset the screen settings to the originals? Some days ago I altered some settings (unfortunately I must have done things I didn't mean to ...) and the results are that the screen is too dark. I tried changing, using the Display Preferences, but the instruction to slide the brightness bar to maximum and to then adjust the contrast button until the twin lines are as in the text doesn't work - the little screen stays black.

So will returning to factory default screen settings restore things?
  • JMVP Level 6 Level 6
    Elizabeth Pass1,

    Since display settings are stored in PRAM (see Mac OS X: What's stored in PRAM? , try resetting PRAM by restarting while holding down the command-option-p-r keys until you hear three sets of chimes, then release the keys and allpw the Mac to finish rebooting.

    BTW, I recall having similar problems not being able to see the image in the display setup; it may help to reset the System Preferences> Displays> Color tab settings to one of the default profiles before trying to calibrate anything.
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    Thanks for the reply.
    I reset the PRAM but it didn't affect the darkness of the screen.
    When I go to color settings in Display there are 4profiles listed:
    eMac calibrated
    Generic RGB profile
    sRGB profile.
    The Show Profiles on this page in unchecked. None of the profiles make the twin bars appear.
    Hope this sparks other possible clues,
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    If resetting PRAM doesn't work, you can consider resetting NVRAM (think of the two as similar, except resetting PRAM is using a hammer and resetting NVRAM is using a sledgehammer).

    Restart holding down the command-option-o-f keys; at the "Welcome to Open Firmware" black text on a white screen type in the following commands and press return after each (case sensitive, no spaces):
    The Mac should restart after reset-all (if it doesn't, type mac-boot and press Return)

    Another possibility: creating a test profile, just skip over the step where you can't see the lones (accept whatever value it comes up with) and play with adjusting the following steps, such as the color temperture and gamma settings.

    Good luck...