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A friend has asked me to 'assist' with his Power PC G4. Running 10.3.9 and OS 9.2.2 Classic ver 1.8.3 build 168.9. I have changed to a 'newer' Canon Mp 530 printer via USB. All the OS X apps print. But he is still running MS Office 98 ( I know, I know) and Quickbooks under Classic. Neither of these see the printer.
The chooser does not list it in order to select it. The system profiler reports: "USB 0 No devices Found"
How do I 'make' the classic apps see this USB printer?
Thanks in advance.

Power PC G4, Mac OS 9.2.x
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    It takes a real "leap of faith" to believe that this will work, but it does. No printer-specific driver for OS 9 is required. Use the first technique listed in the article referenced below. The "Desktop Printer" created in OS 9 will forward the file (using LPR protocol) to a Shared Printer set up in Mac OS X.

    In the OS9 example shown, they have quietly entered the IP address, and have not commented on it. is the "loopback to yourself" Address, so the spool file will connect back to the same Mac, where the Printer created in Mac OS X (which knows how to talk to the printer) will receive it and send it to the Printer.

    HT2974- Mac OS X: Sharing a printer with Mac OS 9 computers
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    Thank You. I will review this tonight and take that leap of faith on Monday.
    Greatly appreciated.
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    We have decided to go a different path. I have increased the memory to 1.3 Gig, We want to upgrade the G4 to 10.4 and remove the 9 classic altogether. There aer only two necessery programs (Win 98 and old ver of Quickbooks) that run 9 and we can upgrade them.
    So now I am looking for help on doing that OS upgrade.
    BTW where does one find those articles you send out? I'd like to browse through them sometime in my 'spare' time. LOL
    Thanks agin.
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    There are at least tens of thousand of those articles. Browsing without some focus is out of the question.

    The main search is off the page accessed by the large "Support" tab that appears on the top right throughout most of the Apple site. Type important words or phrases into the search box at the top and anywhere from ten to thousands of articles, manuals, download documents, popular discussion threads, and other items will appear in a list below, and on the pages that follow. Really old stuff requires the "Include Archive" button as well.


    "Classic" is still supported in 10.4. If you have OS 9 on the same Volume, you can just Install the purchased, pressed, black DVD (the five-CD set is rare and expensive) with a large silver-white X. Not "Upgrade" or "CPU Drop in" or "Not for Sale" or other goofy special discs. Not gray discs unless they are for EXACTLY your Mac.

    If you have broadband access, then do the Software Updates. You do not need to remove OS 9 until you find you need its space (typically under 1.5GB) more than you need its capabilities. No jump into the abyss without a net is required.

    10.4 has are a whole raft of software updates for Java, and once those are installed, you can move up to Safari 3. If you choose, you can download Safari 4 which is said to be faster.

    What is not supported in 10.4 is File Sharing using only AppleTalk protocol. But unless you have an old Beige Mac that cannot run OS 9 ever, this is of no consequence, as it has File Sharing using standard IP protocol and SMB/CIFS Windows protocols.
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    The struggle continues.
    I was going to upgrade the G4 10.3 system to 10.4 until the CD turned out to be for a different computer.
    So now I'm trying to obtain a Canon printer driver for OS 9. I found a download in the Apple download section (Canon printer drivers 1,1) after the download the installer began and then stopped with the following error msg: "The bill of materials for this package was not found".
    what in the --- does that mean?

    Just to review. I have a G4 running 10.3 and 9 Classic with a canon MP530 on the usb port. The 10.3 applications all see the printer but the classic apps (Office 98) do not. The chooser does not see the printer which is attached to the machine.
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    You may be able to find an OS 9 driver that will work.

    If you want to use the process outlined in the article above, you cannot share the printer with Mac OS X just using the Chooser.

    Did you find "Desktop Printer Utility"?
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    No I have not been able to find the 'desktop printer utility'. And I have not been able to find an OS 9 driver for the canon printer. I also have not been able to find a OS 10.4 upgrade cd.
    Looks like this G4 is turning into a boat anchor.
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    Correction: I did find the desktop printer utility and when I tried to run it I got the following error msg:
    "Desktop printer utility cannot run without Laserwriter 8.6.5 or greater. You may need to enable it from the extensions manager or re-install it."
    Just keeps getting deeper and deeper.
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    Hi, CBM3 -

    Open the Extensions Manager control panel, and scroll down to the group of extensions. Make sure that LaserWriter 8 is (checkmarked).

    While there, check the version number for the LaserWriter 8 extension.
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    Well the G4 is on it's way to retirement. We migrated to the new iMac and everything went very well. Just a note : you need a 800 Firewire cable with a 6 pin - 9 pin connector config.
    Thanks to everyone in helping me.
    And I do also have to say that once I had the correct cable it migrated everything very smoothly. I come from PC's and I'm just not used to that.
    Thanks again.