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    I had a similar problem, but this thread didn't fix it for me.


    This did:


    Thought it might help somebody else who ends up in this thread.



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    I have done all of this. None of this is working. I went from my Serato not reading an updated version of my itunes plalists to not even seeing ANY of my library in Serato. I've reinstalled Serato, rebuilt .XML (which by the way no longer works, and I can't get an .XML to get created).


    I'm at my wits end. I've rebuilt .XML, .ITP, I've found all foreign characters in my library and deleted them. I've organized and consolidated library through 'file'.


    I feel like I've created more of a problem than I've fixed now. The problem seems to be my iTunes, I'm hoping.


    Luckly, my itunes is still organized and my playlists are in tact, just frustrated.

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    I have the same problem since I joined iTunes Match.

    Several times the iTunes Music Library.xml is locked and iTunes creates lots of temp files.

    You can try this:

    Go to your iTunes folder, in Mac is on user/music/itunes

    Check if you have a lot of temp files and delete it.

    Check if the iTunes Music Library.xml is locked (keep pushing command and type i , in sharing and permissions you should find your name with read and write permissions, if not it means that is locked)

    Restart your computer (i suggest to turn off internet also).

    After restart, open iTunes and do something such as listen a song or add and remove a song in a playlist, this should update your iTunes Music Library.xml file (check the Date Modified of the xml file that must be the same of the iTunes Music Library.itl).

    Now just open Serato or Traktor and in the preference check if you are selected the iTunes Music Library.xml

    Now you can be sure that you are syncing the latest iTunes library.

    Let me know if it works, I'm using Traktor in a MacBook pro and it works.

  • yiJ Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)   check out this vidoe.  that should help you out.  just bare with it haha  it show u how to do it

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    Markino wrote:


    I have the same problem since I joined iTunes Match.

    Several times the iTunes Music Library.xml is locked and iTunes creates lots of temp files.

    You can try this:

    Go to your iTunes folder, in Mac is on user/music/itunes

    Check if you have a lot of temp files and delete it.

    Check if the iTunes Music Library.xml is locked (keep pushing command and type i , in sharing and permissions you should find your name with read and write permissions, if not it means that is locked)

    Just quit iTunes and delete th e.xml.

    It will get recreated when you relaunch iTunes.

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    I had a similar experience with the xml file not updating.  After deleting the xml file a new one was not created.


    Resolving the problem was similar to others that had weird characters in their songs.  I had one set of Spanish music whose artist names had Chinese symbols at the end.  Once renamed without the character, everything worked fine. 


    I have a large library of over 20,000 songs and I wanted to keep my playlist badly and not start over.  Here was my fix:


    1. Select all songs, then "Get Info", and check off all boxes EXCEPT for song title, artist, and BPM.  This will clear out everything in those extra fields, so if you want to keep, don't use this method. 


    2.  Next, subdivided my music library into playlists by letter of the alphabet.  So I created 26 different playlist titles, A,B,C,D,.....Z and put all the song titles starting with "A" into the playlist "A", "B" into playlist "B", etc.  Depending on the size of your library you can subdivide in any way you want to find the source of the weird characters.


    3. For each playlist, go to Library ---> Export Playlist -----> save as .xml


    4. Check your itunes folder.  If a file named "A.xml" has been created, then that part of your library is ok.  If not then you need to search through the library for any weird symbols or characters.


    5. Once you find the song with the weird character, find any other songs that were imported into iTunes around that time.  In my case, once I found one bad song, I found that everything else imported at the same time was bad and it resolved the problem quickly.  Setting up a separate playlist for each letter may be extreme but it will systematically resolve the issue.

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    I just went into my itunes folder and added the word "Music" to the xml file that was newest and dropped the old one in a new folder just in case I needed to recover it. It solved the problem in both Virtual DJ, Serato and Traktor. For some reason, iTunes renamed the backup xml library name dropping music while updating itunes over the past year or so.. Looks like the dj software programs still look for the one with the longer file name..


    My problem was fixed with just this simple issue.. weird codes or characters or not.


  • Randall Erkelens Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)

    Ok, update.. Yes.. what I said will work.. but I noticed when I open and close iTunes again, it creates a new XML file without the word Music. So, need to maybe update software.. but for the quick fix.. at LEAST, this fix by renaming the file will get your dj software to see the most current iTunes library quickly without needing to do all the naming searching, etc.. Of course, if you add more music tomorrow, you'll have to do the same thing.. not the long-term fix.. but I gotta tell ya.. will save me the time to DJ TONIGHT....


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    Problem With iTunes 12 Delete Duplicate Items, iTunes Music Library.itl and iTunes Music Library.xml Finally Resolved


    I know this is an old thread however it was at the top of the list when I searched for "iTunes not creating XML", earlier this week. There were a lot of great contributions to this thread by various authors over the years that helped me narrow down my specific problem, but since we are now working on iTunes 12.2 currently I suspect a couple things have changed within the program in the years between this entry and the one before it.


    First of all, I am a professional DJ and have been using iTunes to prepare my music for my events before using other software, specifically Serato Scratch Live, for years now. I bought a brand new MacBook Pro in September of 2014 with a 1TB internal flash hard drive intending to consolidate my library, which had been previously divided between my old computer and my old external optical hard drive, onto my new computer's internal hard drive. This was a pretty simple and straight-forward process until recently. Since upgrading to iTunes 12, I have endured and finally resolved the two following, extremely staggering problems:


    1. Deleting Items and Duplicate Items

    Since bringing home my new MBP in September and up until upgrading to iTunes 12, I could delete duplicate items in iTunes 10 and 11 without pause, but the first thing I noticed when using iTunes 12 was that attempting to delete items and duplicate items would cause iTunes to freeze for sometimes over 10 minutes while the program worked out how to remove the items I had commanded it to delete. Eventually the program would execute this command and become responsive again, but not before losing sometimes several frustrating hours in one session to the Pinwheel of Death. After spending two full days on the phone with various Apple tech support reps at various call centers and with varying levels of familiarity with iTunes this week, ultimately no one could identify exactly what my problem was. I did notice last night while on the phone with a senior support rep though that when I set my iTunes window to "Song View" in "My Music", I could now suddenly delete items instantaneously again for some reason. The senior support rep believed that this was because iTunes accesses your song files directly in this view, but she suspected song files are accessed over extended pathways in all other screen views; especially in "Playlist View". Who knows for sure, but here are those steps broken down:


    • Hit the "My Music" button in the top-center of your iTunes screen, just under the play bar.
    • Hit the drop down menu in the top-right of your iTunes screen, just under the "Search" text field, and select "Songs"
    • Try highlighting and deleting a duplicate item; hopefully it deletes instantaneously for you the same way it does for me.


    2. XML File not Updating or Generating

    Yeah, this one is a huge pain for anyone who has ever trusted iTunes to cooperate with any other music program. At first I thought that this was another widespread glitch with iTunes 12, however after spending the last couple days trying all of the other fixes offered in this thread, and in other threads from many other web searches, I eventually confirmed that this problem, for me, was indeed caused by one or more uncooperative non-Latin-based text characters in one or several of my songs' ID3 tags. I had tried the fix where you pull your xml file to the desktop and hope that iTunes creates another one in it's place from the itl file, but that didn't work for me. I then tried the method where you try to export a playlist of half of your library, or one letter of artists at a time, to try to narrow down where the problematic file was, but I was unexpectedly able to complete those tasks successfully as well as ultimately export my entire library to xml, so not only did I think that the problem was something else entirely at that point, but now I wonder if iTunes 12 is actually able to create xml files from playlists and libraries containing uncooperative non-Latin-based text characters so long as you manually tell it to do so, because that function still worked for me. Like, maybe this bug has been halfway fixed with iTunes 12 perhaps? But again, who knows for sure.


    I should also point out that since I have a huge library that I have been building for years, and not always with iTunes-formatted music, I am aware that some of my music files here and there have all the ID3 info in one field, have no artwork, have limited ID3 info, etc. as is common with music files that are 10 plus years old, originally formatted with old Windows software or originally downloaded from Limewire over some no-longer-existent third party software, as just a few of the many examples of how music files can collect random, usually completely unrelated ID3 info. Believe me, cleaning up my library has been a gradual process.


    Anyway, I believe I read somewhere else in this thread that if you highlight your entire song list, then hit "Command-I" for information, even if you don't actually want to change anything- which you definitely shouldn't, it will cause iTunes to quickly re-analyze the pathways to all the items in your library, revealing lost songs by marking them with an exclamation point in the far left column. I did that, then began going down my list of songs either deleting or reopening everything with an exclamation point next to it. Because I had my song list sorted by artist, I discovered a bunch foreign artists following all artists at the end of the English alphabet in my library as iTunes apparently sorts items labeled in foreign alphabets between items labeled in English, or Latin-based alphabets, and Numbers. Going through every item in this section of my library took a while, but because I didn't want to just delete all of these foreign albums and artists that I have collected over the years, I decided to copy/paste all the ID3 info into and out of an online text translator, which effectively removed all of the Hebrew, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, etc. characters from all of my foreign albums. At some point along the way I must've deleted the problematic text character or characters because iTunes did recreate the xml file during that process... After five days of troubleshooting, finally, what a relief. So first a couple of quick things to check and then those steps again:


    Details to Check First

    • In Finder, make sure your iTunes ITL file is named "iTunes Music Library.itl" exactly. (You should find this file at ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.itl). Your "iTunes Music Library.itl" file is designed to automatically generate a coinciding XML file with the exact same title, or "iTunes Music Library.xml". "iTunes Music Library.xml" is THE EXACT FILE that all other iTunes-compatible music software is made to look for within your iTunes folder to read your iTunes Library, such as with Serato Scratch Live. I can't remember if iTunes 12 changed the ITL file from "iTunes Music Library.itl" to "iTunes Library.itl" or something like that since I was unaware of the importance this detail until after a couple days of troubleshooting, but I seem to remember that it wasn't specifically "iTunes Music Library.itl" for some reason.
    • As someone noted somewhere previously in this thread, check your "Downloads" file found inside your "iTunes Music" folder, (~/Music/iTunes Music/Downloads) for any frozen downloads. Someone discovered that a partially downloaded video file caused their ITL file to not generate the coinciding XML file. I did find a frozen, partially downloaded video in my downloads folder, however that alone did not solve my problem. So onto the next thing I went.


    Redirect and/or Delete Lost Items

      • In iTunes, hit the "My Music" button in the top-center of your iTunes screen, just under the play bar.
      • Next, hit the drop down menu in the top-right of your iTunes screen, just under the "Search" text field, and select "Songs"
      • Sort your Song List by Artist
      • Highlight your entire song library and hit "Command-I" for Information.
      • When iTunes asks "Are you sure you want to edit information for multiple items?", hit cancel and iTunes should mark any lost items with an exclamation point.
      • Go through your whole song list and either redirect or delete your lost items as you prefer.



    Delete or Translate Any Non-Latin-Based ID3 Info You Find in Any Non-iTunes Formatted Items

    • Two-finger click, or 'right click', your Song List header bar, where it says Name, Time, Artist, Album, Genre, etc.
    • Make sure categories such as Album Artist and Comments are checked. Feel free to check any other or all other categories you'd like.
    • Even though Comments are usually not checked, you'll likely find that this is where someone, somewhere added problematic, non-Latin-based text.
    • Resort your Song List by all of the categories you checked to consolidate all songs with info in those fields together.
    • Delete or Translate any non-Latin-based text in in those fields.
    • Scroll to the end of Z while your Song List is sorted by Artist, Song, Album, and other common categories, to see any non-Latin-based ID3 info.
    • Delete or Translate any non-Latin-based text in your Song List's ID3 information.


    It took me all week this week, but I pulled through just in time for my events this weekend. Many thanks to everyone who authored entries in this thread and in all the threads I consulted for fixes and ideas. Hopefully this entry will be the last one you end up having to read on this ridiculous problem.


    And now I'm gonna drink and forget this whole thing ever, ever happened.


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    I'm having a horrible time trying to figure this out. This all happened when I did the latest update just like four days ago. I noticed on my Serato, Sunday (just the other day), that my library was a couple months old. Which makes no sense because I did not have this problem a week ago at another gig. Turns out I had two iTunes Library files, "iTunes Library.xml" and "iTunes Music Library.xml". Serato was only reading the latter. So I saw here that if you rename the .itl file (as iTunes Music Library) and open that as the library that it should create a new "iTunes Music Library.xml" file. My Library is working fine, only, it's not creating that .xml file. I cannot select All of my music and "Get Info" because I get a notification stating: "Your selection contains more than one kind of media." So, I understand I have to delete bad files, however, I have a huge library so it's pretty hard to find any Non-Latin-Based ID3 Info. Is there any way to scan my library? I'm actually now finding files that don't allow me to edit the id3 tags, which is a first. ALSO, I cannot Delete them. Please help.

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