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I haven't been able to download or update any apps because my credit card expired a few months ago. I received a new one, and its saying I have to update my credit card information. I've tried to do it through my phone, it just takes me in circles. I eventually get stuck on a page asking me what county I'm in. I answer it, and it just takes me to the exact same page. So I thought maybe it was because I was using my phone to do it, so I get on a real computer and update it through the apple website. It goes through just fine, so I get on my phone and try to update an app. It says that my accounts changed and I need to confirm it. I go where it directs me, and it takes me to the exact same place, asking me what county I'm in and just recycling that page.

I'm getting so irritated. I have countless apps that need updates, but I can't figure out how to get this resolved.

Just my iPhone at the moment, iPhone OS 3.0.1