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my screen goes dim ..not really black but goes dim back and forth...why is this? i thought it was something related to the screen going dim before it sleeps but i noticed non of the boxes were checked. and as im writing this the screen goes dim and back to bright

macbook pro 2.53, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    Does your computer support reacting to ambient light?
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    How dim does it go? Does it go so dim that you can no longer see anything? I have a MacBook Pro also, and I have found that if I'm using my computer on my lap as I'm sitting on the recliner watching TV at night, the screen will dim down and go bright again because it's reacting to the light coming from the TV. If a dark scene comes up on the TV show I'm watching, then that means the room gets dark, and my computer reacts by dimming the screen and turning on the backlit keyboard lights. I find this very annoying and not helpful at all, but I've adjusted to this over time.

    Is it possible that this is what's happening with your computer, or do you think it's something else?
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    Check your System Prefs/Energy Saver, battery vs. power supply settings etc. to confirm your display and power saving settings are doing what you prefer/expect.

    If this is a case of your being new to OS X and/or this computer, you might want to walk it into the local Apple Store and ask the staff for a brief tour of system preferences, etc.
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    ummm no offence but this isn't really a snow leopard question

    please put his in the "macbook pro" section
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    I noticed this on my macbook, and it is only if the processor is working hard (e.g. quickly scrolling up and down a busy webpage), it seems to affect the graphics. Personally, I'd put it down to either memory or heat issues (dust?).
    No other answer really I could think of but as someone else pointed out, the question is not really pertaining to 10.6 but is more a hardware issue (macbook pro forum perhaps).
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    yes indeed its not a snow leopard i really didnt notice i was in the snowleopard forum...i apologize for that .anyway yes it does react to the ambient light...it never goes dark dim but just a little dim...and in fact it goes dim when the sun comes trough the window...is there a way to remove that?? its not bad but its annoying...thanks
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    Hiya HOR,

    no problem. The only thing you could perhaps try is (in system preferences/ displays) to adjust the brightness settings and see if that makes a difference.

    Now, I must say that my (2006) macbook's screen is totally illegible in bright sunlight, even when changed to ignore the energy saver settings when on battery (i.e. best performance, rather than best battery efficiency). This did make the screen brighter for general use.
    I was under the impression that yours flickers in response to activity (e.g. quick scrolling on browser); but now that you have described it, I think, the answer might be in system preferences. Good luck.
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    Check System Prefs > Displays > Automatically adjust brightness as ambient light changes.
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    Hiya HOR,

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    All the best.