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Please help!!!
visual voice mail not available or visible after 3.1 software upgrade I'm able to access to it by pressing one on key pad but not able to see if i have any messages
I have try several things to fix the problem but so far no success.
This are some of the things that i have try: boot i phone,took out Sim card,restore i phone,contacted at&t.
and so far nothing!!! not only that but my wife is ****** because her phone has the same issue please HELP!!!!!

We have the i phone 3gs.

VGN-CR515E, Windows Vista
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    Reset network settings has fixed this for me in the past.
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    Done that too but i will try again THX.
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    I just went through this... (my new iphone worked flawlessly before the 3.1 update). I tried with both Apple and ATT to deal with this issue for a whole day... (I figured since it was a voicemail issue it was an ATT problem, but turns out it was 3.1).

    I tried to back up and restore several times that day, but same problem, visual voice mail disappeared once I was back up and running... finally an Apple support person had me back up and restore (but this time configure as a new phone... and this is the important part... right click on the iPhone icon where it appears on the left hand side and choose SYNC... not Restore. (Didn't even know this existed). This will sync your Contacts and iCal but nothing else... no settings.. (Apps and email settings were brought over on my first sync automatically, but no emails were imported). This is the only thing that worked for me after several tries. You will have to set up everything on your phone again the way you had it (System settings, etc)... it will be like a new phone.

    SInce all my emails exist on my MacBook Pro, it wasn't a big deal for me, since I didn't loose anything but a lot of time.
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    Thanks for the info i will try this A S A P.
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    likea i just finished with my phone and it seems like its working fine
    thank you so much for your help.