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I know there have been a lot of topics on problems with OS 3.1, but I can't seem to find one similar to mine so thought I would ask.
I am a UK user and I have the 8GB iPhone 3G.

Since installing 3.1 I found a few serious problems which I didn't have before. The phone will work fine but will then encounter the following problems all at once:
- Can't make or receive calls (like there's no coverage).
- Can't send or receive texts (again like there's no coverage).
- Can't get online with 3G / Edge
- I will start an application, iphone tries to load, then goes back to home screen.

It seems the only way to to fix the issue is to turn the iphone completely off and then back on again.
Anyone know whats going on?

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iPhone 3G 8GB - OS 3.1
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