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  • motefdesign Level 1 Level 1
    I had the same problem, I purchased the mac pro around Aug. 08 also, and the ati HD 2600 XT failed, the weird part, it failed when we upgraded the ram, the ram is working perfect, no issues, but the graphics card died. the guy at the mac store blamed us for it, saying maybe we hit the graphics card when we did the ram exchange, but I know I did not touch the card at all, because I did the job myself.
    and by reading all the issues (similar or equal to mine) with this graphics card, I have no other idea than think apple or ati had defective cards on these mac pros.
    I ended up having to purchase a new graphics card, I went for the 149 Ge force gt 120.
    we dont need 3d or video editing power, so the ati 4870 (more $$ too) was not the best choice.
    this ge force is using way less energy than the ati also for what I read.
    Apple should step up to the plate and cover all these graphic cards...
    i have other old cards on older computers, for over 10 years (geforece 3 ti200 to be exact) and still goes strong, with overclocking and everything... and it was a cheap video cad from the beginning.
    If it wasn't that my partner loves macs to work with graphic design, I would have never put my $$ into them.
    and the phone customer service is a joke. there are 1000's of post regarding this issue and the guy told me they had no recorded problems like mine on their database...

    I am sorry for the person the person that owns 29 macs and he had lke 5 atis failing him in a few months...that means eventually he'll spend over 4300 bucks for a defective product exchange..

    Also, from the day we opened the box, this mac pro has had more issues with stability than any other computer before...
    when they do work... they work very nice...
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    I have the same problem! How did you solve it? Just changing the card or it was a problem with the motherboard alimentation? thanks
  • pgwerner Level 1 Level 1
    At the risk of posting a "me too" post, this is exactly what has been an on-again off-again problem for over a month and reached critical today. In fact, that's exactly what I came to this board to post about, but it looks like plenty of people are having the same problem. I'm posting from a different computer right now, as my display is still not working even after keeping the computer off for most of the day.

    Is there any kind of long-term warranty for this (my Mac Pro is about 2 years old), or is an inherently messed-up video card that Apple build the computer with a cost I just have to eat?
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    Same problem here. Mac Pro, early 2008, ATI 2600 card. Just under 2 years old. Weird problems (wouldn't come out of sleep, etc.), then total failure. No extended warranty. When I asked for some consideration, they gave me free labor (whoopee--fifteen minutes), and denied there was an ongoing problem with the ATI card. I spent an extra $100 or so for the the Nvidia 8800 ($279) because I didn't want another card of the same ilk that failed. Apple prices for cards are not ridiculously inflated, like their RAM, and I wanted the rig in the shop in case it was something other than the card. I note that Apple is now using Nvidia cards in the stock Mac Pro configuration.
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    My computer just recently had issues with this too. For the past couple of months my computer would randomly go to a blue screen for a couple of seconds before returning to whatever I was doing earlier. I thought it was a RAM issue but it would make more sense for it to be with the Graphics card. Just today my computer started up normally except for the black screen on both of my monitors. I tried everything suggested, but the monitors don't seem to be receiving any information. The ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT still has its fan spinning but its red light is off. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but it is supposed to have a red light, right?

    I purchased my Mac Pro in Dec 2008, single quad core.
  • Girgle Level 1 Level 1
    Just to update my situation. I tried switching the card to a new PCI slot, and so far so good. I'll report back after awhile if it doesn't work out.
  • Girgle Level 1 Level 1
    A further update: After turning off the Mac Pro, the same problem arises again. It's a shame because it was working so beautifully...
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    What does Apple Hardware Test tell you? Sometimes it's the VideoController that might be defective and that's independent of the video card.
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    hello all. I had the same problem with the ATI RADEON 2600 XT of my 2008 MAC PRO (3.1) : blackscreen, no output. After two years, the Radeon is dead... thanks Apple, thanks ATI.

    Hard to find a Nvidia 8800, so I bought the Nvidia GT120 with the risk that this does not work. Fortunately, it works. From what I read on the internet, the nvidia GT120 required Mac OS 10.5.6 minimum, for the driver.

    I just had to replace the RADEON by the GT120, then start the mac, and that's all. I'm relieved.

    I would add that Apple's french support doesn't help me on this point, so I visited several forums before taking the risk to try the Gt120.
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    Yeah I plan on buying the GT120 as well as my computer only works about 5% of the time. Its really annoying that my graphics card lasted only a year. Apple's suggestion was to take it to their store and have someone look at it. With no Applecare I would be paying someone to look at my computer just to tell me to buy another graphics card.
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    Listen. On Apple store they say a Nvidia GT 120 needs a Mac Pro early 2009 at least.
    How can you people with the QuadCore 2.8Ghz Early 2008 use this card ???
    From where i can see it is only the Radeon 4870 that works in both mac Pro.
    Early 2008 and 2009.
    But ofcause if someone have installed this GT 120 card in a Mac Pro Early 2008 i
    would love to know.

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    Current problem: anytime I do a hard reboot (power failure, system lockup, etc.) I loose my screen on reboot. Powering off and swapping the video card seems to have no effect (same problem with 2 different video cards). I have found 2 possible solutions (sometimes one works, sometimes the other).

    1. Boot computer normally and then use the keyboard shortcut to power down. (Control Option-Command-Eject)
    2. Restart the computer and reset the pram (CMD-OPT-P-R). Sometimes I have to let it chime 3 or 4 times before I see the screen.

    Solution 2:
    If that doesn't work, I turn the computer off and unplug it for 5-10 minutes and then follow step 2 above.
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    Same problem with NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT. One outlet get only blue screen the other work for awhile and then blanks out. Also, when it does go black all vnc connection is not possible. Did anyone entertain a virus of some source? I know it is a mac and all but there a too much hardware failing at the same manner and at the same time...
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    Wow. I'm glad I found this thread.

    I have a new caviat to add to this issue.

    I too have a MacPro 1,1. Early on, I upgraded the graphics card to the NVidia 8800GT, made especially for this MacPro. Nice card.

    I bought it because I do a dual boot and run Windows XP and Solidworks on a regular basis.

    I started having an issue when running MAC OSX, where, while my 30" Cinema display works fine, consistantly, the second monitor will go black and act as if there is no signal.

    I immediately called NVidia, and after arguing, they agreed that they would replace it if the problem doesn't go away.

    Here's the thing, though. When I'm running Windoze, the 2nd monitor never blacks out, and I use it in Windows, lately, 90% of the time.

    I'm running Mac OSX after weeks of Windows use, right now. The second monitor is black.

    NVidia insisted that its probably a driver issue. My reply is "well, then fix it". They said, "no, Apple has to fix it."

    Now I'm hearing its an issue for all displays.. or at least appears to be.

    At least give it a look see, Apple..?

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    I think I've seen that by having say your 8800GT, that you can leave it without monitor and work off GTX 2xx or 4xx - and in Mac OS, not just Windows. EVGA has GTX 460s but the one I want, rear exhaust, isn't available yet, to try out in Mac Pro 1,1.

    Apple is struggling with graphic driver issues with 10.6.4 and seems more widespread than anything before.

    When the 8800GT came out, Barefeats own tests showed it was not doing well, not even as well as lowly 2600s at the time (10.5.2 - 10.5.4) but "improved" slightly and 10.5.5/10.5.6 was better. Only to have problems resurface last year that seemed to coincide with Snow Leopard and 10.6.0.

    If only there was a single model for any and all Mac Pro models, and another EVGA GTX 460, and put all this trouble behind. Stand-alone drivers, a must, and not bundled with an OS.

    I found myself using Windows more, and built some PCs - now I have GTX 260's or any flavor at my disposal and good Nvidia driver performance.

    I just tried latest Nvidia for Windows and had to rollback. Now that was so easy, so nice to be able to do! love how I can update a device driver and if it doesn't work out... no problem. Do that in Mac OS? no way yet.