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I recently purchased a 1TB Time Capsule mainly for some extra storage. The hard drive on my PowerBook G4 is very close to full, due to my large music library and photo library. I currently have the Time Capsule set up to run Time Machine, but I would really like to use some of the space on my Time Capsule to completely transfer my photo library and/or iTunes library and free up the space on my PowerBook. I've been reading about disk imaging and setting up separate folders on the Time Capsule. Which option would be best for me? If someone would provide some instructions, it would be much appreciated! The manual that came with my Time Capsule didn't provide any guidance on this.

Also, once the files are transferred to the Time Capsule, will they still be accessible from iPhoto and iTunes on my laptop with no problems?

Many thanks!


PowerBook G4, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Uses Time Capsule