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I have iMovie '08. I added a title to overlay on a portion of my movie. When adding it the time for it was 1:17:03 or some similar number. There is no way to right click and change its length. To make it last only ten seconds I drag each end (while highlighted with the yellow box) to the points where I want it to appear.

I want to do the same thing in another portion of the movie and the title will not become part of the movie in the spot I want it to be. It is not over the previous title. There is no overlap. The program will allow me to add it much farther down into the movie near the end. I don't know why there is a cutoff section that won't allow the title to be used.

I tried turning off iMovie and opening the project again with no results. Whatever needs to be changed to make it work isn't being changed when the program is closed and reopened.

What is the solution? I see two other posts asking essentially the same thing with no answer from a forum member or Apple.

This is a work project and needs to be completed as soon as possible. It is a short promotion for a web site. It is not a professional film. I'm not a movie editor or film maker. I just expect the program I have on my computer to work. If Apple makes iMovie to help non-film makers make pretty videos then they should ensure their program works.

Somebody give us some love and help us all get the answer to this simple question.

Thank you.


MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    Is the second title in the same clip or a different clip. I found a workaround if they are both in the same clip.

    If it is one long clip in your project, drag a selection so the yellow border is big enough to completely contain the first title and then EDIT/SPLIT CLIP. You should now be able to add the second title.
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    Thank you AppleMan1958. What you have suggested is a good work-around. It did indeed work. I don't really consider this problem solved because it didn't explain why the iMovie program won't let us add more than a couple of titles, in my case an overlay.

    I can add all the beginning and ending titles that I want as long as they stand alone. The ones that have text over the movie were the problem for me.

    To anybody else wanting to use this work-around; be sure to do all of your volume, color, and other editing for the things that must be changed to the entire length of your project before you begin chopping up your movie with edits for adding titles. Otherwise you will have a rough time trying to match everything in each of the individual clips.

    Good luck everybody.

    I'll try to post a link to the finished product. I hope Apple moderators don't kill the thread just because it shows a video that isn't about Apple computers.