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I have a 5th generation IPOD and can't understand why it won't sync some movies and videos yet it syncs others that are in the same file format. They are in my ITunes Library and play fine there but it gives me an error message when trying to synch to IPOD telling me that this type of file format does not work on my IPOD. Again, it is the same file format as other my other movies and videos that do synch. Please help! Thank you

Toshiba, Windows XP
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    Hello there,
    And welcome to Apple Discussions!

    Even though the videos or movies are in an iPod supported format, it still may not be in the most friendly format (meaning some pieces or components of the movie are still outside the iPod's supported ones).

    To fix this, try this troubleshooting method.

    Locate the video that is causing problem iTunes. Right->click on it and choose "create iPod or iPhone version" from the Shortcut menu. From there, wait for the conversion process to finish. When it has, try syncing the newly converted version to your iPod and see if that helps. You can now delete the original if you want as well.

    See if that does the trick for you.

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    I'm converting a movie now to iPod version. it's taking a very long time. Is that typical?
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    Depending on the file size, yes. It can take up to over an hour. However, if it goes on more than an hour or two, there might be a problem somewhere.

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    Your point about converting the files inside of iTunes is certainly a good one, but I ran into a problem today that has me confused as to why that is a necessary step. While attempting to methodically solve the problem as to why some mp4 videos weren't syncing with my iPod (despite being within the specifications given for video playback on the iPod), I decided to have iTunes (version 9.0.1, on Mac OS X 10.4.11) restore the iPod to original settings. Once I did this, I went about transferring the media I had in the iPod before back onto it. Though I was still unable to transfer the new mp4 videos that led me to restore the iPod in the first place, now iTunes has told me that a handful of other, older videos I have are unable to sync with my iPod.

    I don't know why this should be, as these videos have successfully transferred to the iPod before. This is a problem I'm having only with a handful of my older video files - most other videos of the same format transfer without a problem. The reason iTunes gives for the unsuccessful transfer of these older files is either that the video format or the audio format is not supported. Again, I don't know why this should be, as the the video/audio format of these files hasn't changed since they last synced with the iPod, which was about a week ago.

    Is this a problem that others are having? I'm not certain why the transfer should work previously but not work now.

    Any thoughts or insight as to this problem are greatly appreciated.

    - mjohnharris
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    The problem is Itunes 9 i cant sync any of my podcasts after the update from 8-9 i do have to say apple is starting to be a verry big letdown