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  • Sascha H-K Level 2 Level 2
    try: settings/general/reset al settings ..
    restart and charge battery complete.
    sync iphone as a NEW one !

    ATTENTION: reset means you have to do all settings again by yourself !
  • cybermike Level 1 Level 1
    Same problem here with my iPhone 3G. Please Apple - we need a fix ASAP!
  • Rcarvz Level 1 Level 1
    I hardly even USE my phone for anything other than a handful of quick texts and a few phone calls (that aren't incredibly long) anymore. I hardly use apps or the ipod on the phone lately. My phone spends most of the time on standby...but I have been experiencing the WORST battery life EVER since the software update. ALSO this stupid COMA crap keeps happening to my phone 3 times!!!!!!! I'm almost ready to throw it in the trash and go get another phone unless something quickly resolves I know i'm not the ONLY one with this problem.

    ALSO has anybody heard anybody complain that when you talk to them on the phone they constantly hear an echo of your voice when you talk? all land lines, all carriers, everyone i talk to says the same thing, unless i talk on my bluetooth then they say the quality of the call improves
  • ahurtado Level 1 Level 1
    Im having the same problem with the battery draining and Network problems. Very often my iphone shows the message Network Lost, and has poor signal reception this never happened when i had 3.0...Can I go back to 3.0??
  • Adel Raheem Level 1 Level 1
    Has anybody contacted Apple Care and gotten an answer about this yet? I'm having the same issue with my battery barely lasting half the day.
  • Garner Level 1 Level 1
    Same thing with the battery for me too. I get up in the morning and my iPhone 3G's battery is almost completely depleted. This morning the battery was totally dead. I had to plug it up to my computer and let it charge for a few minutes before it would turn on.

    A few days ago the battery indicator showed that it had over half full charge. Then the phone started acting up and I couldn't call anyone. I rebooted it and when it came back on it instantly gave me the low battery warning.

    It's really wacky. I seem to remember this same thing happening like a year ago or something. Apple had a patch to fix the problem pretty soon after. Hopefully it comes quick for this one.
  • JackStraw77 Level 1 Level 1
    A disaster like everyone else. Battery dying quickly. Yesterday it was showing full and stayed that way.
    I turned off phone for night and when I turned it back on. It was empty with 20% warning. I should have never upgraded. This a real mess for Apple. Wasn't this Beta tested.
  • th3xf4ctor Level 1 Level 1
    I've had that exact same thing happen although with mine i also have the problem with every app that is on my phone crashes including the ones that you can't take off i.e contacts phone. Everything just seems to crash and battery life always hangs at like 30 percent. HELP!
  • mibarra Level 1 Level 1
    Sameproblem here, last week my Iphone start acting weird, was charging and when I woke up the iphone was super hot, and the battery was almost dead, weird because usually is fully charged, I disconnect the device and reconect and the same wasn't charging at all.
    I call apple but was close they call me on sunday afternoon and the only thing they told me was to restore my iphone, so I did,now is charging, but the battery life is horrible after the 3.1.
    Please apple help
  • Clifftheif Level 1 Level 1
    Same problem here... its highly annoying
  • Monty1945 Level 3 Level 3

    I have seen no battery issues with either of our personal iPhones, one 3G, and one 3Gs (my wife's). The advertised times you should get, according to the publications, are accurate.

    Of course it depends on what you are doing- the times will fluctuate accordingly. I make as many as a dozen calls a day, and sync my MobileMe account with 4 computers, and I access my Exchange mail as well.


  • cjdownunder Level 1 Level 1
    Am in the same boat with battery performance however additionally my iPhone 3G is going to sleep but not coming back on when I try to use it.

    I have to plug it in to power, and hold the home button and power button for almost 2 min before it comes back on.
  • cdnheather Level 1 Level 1
    I'm also having battery problems since installing 3.1. I charged last night and when I went to use my phone this evening it was totally dead. This was never a problem before. Now I can't even get 24 hours out of the battery just on standby. I've checked my settings like Apple is suggesting and nothing should be drawing so much power. On top of this my 3G service is completely non-functional and I can only sometimes connect to Edge. I know it's not my provider because my finacé has a 3GS and his 3G works fine. I've tried resetting my network settings, no change. I even restored the phone and that only made the battery situation even worse! Any suggestions?
  • arrazola Level 1 Level 1
    Have the same problem with the batterylife after upgrading to 3.1.
  • arrazola Level 1 Level 1
    if someone wants to downgrade, here is a site
    I haven't done it jet, so can't say if it works.
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