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  • The Mac Expert Level 1 Level 1
    Having same problem here.
    "Coma" mode sometimes and battery going less than 20% at the end of the day everyday!!! It never happened to me before and I use the same thing on my phone everyday!
  • Philipp Metzler Level 1 Level 1
    Same here - massive battery drain. 3G is fully charged in the evening and in the morning there's no power left - so the alarm doesn't work! the problem only occured since updating to 3.1 another problem I had was the camera. There was no space left so I deleted some songs and tried it again. The camera played the shutter-sound and the thumbnail was shown but the photos were not saved!
  • Merritt Jacob Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having the same problems since updating. It dies in less than an hour even if I'm not using it for calls, data, or anything else.
  • cmaglinger Level 1 Level 1
    I'm experiencing the same battery problem each day.
  • JackStraw77 Level 1 Level 1
    I turned off my E-mail in Iphone. It seems to have made a big difference. Apparently the phone would fetch new data even if the fetch new data tab was turned off. Someone posted this earlier. I used Pocket Tunes and Wunderkind radio apps which are big battery drainers and the battery level only went down slightly. I will post again if I have any other updates.
  • OneSimpleGeek Level 1 Level 1
    I upgraded to 3.1 and now my phone is losing battery life so fast that even if it is plugged in it will go down if it is on. I have to turn the phone off to charge it. I know there are a lot of other iPhone owners out there with this problem on both the 3G and 3GS, just wanted to add my two cents.
  • Stuart in Sydney Level 1 Level 1
    I upgraded and like everyone else had my battery drained by 2pm everyday after taken it off the charger at 8am. Two trips to the Apple Store (and three new iPhone installations) and no joy this is what I have discovered (at least on my device).

    If you do a clean install and don't install any apps or configure any email, with WiFi on and bluetooth everything seems ok. Left it on overnight, 8 hours standby, usage around 2 minutes.

    If you configure Gmail (or a pop client), standby and usage is still ok and the battery life is what I use to get.

    If you just set up MobileMe. The phone goes bezerk. This is my stats from yesterday where I wasn't doing anything other than checking the usage every so often

    Time 11:21 (Usage 1h 42 min, Standby 4 hr 22 min)
    Time 12:00 (Usage 2h 14 min, Standby 5 hr 1 min)
    Time 13:22 (Usage 2h 59 min, Standby 6 hr 22 min)
    Time 13:30 (Usage 3h 7 min, Standby 6 hr 31 min)

    I had to recharge at 2pm!

    Basically it is still churning away if you have Mobile Me configured.

    Aha thought I, it's a sync/push issue. Exchange will do the same thing.

    Last night I reconfigured my Exchange Server account and no other email service, fully charged the phone and then left the phone overnight out of the charger. (Usage 33 min, Standby 8hrs) at 8am. Battery was still fine in the morning. So it's not a generic sync/push issue.

    As at 13:31 today (Usage 50 minutes, Standby 5 hr 48 min). Battery is still going great with Exchange (pushing) and Gmail set up (fetching every 15 minutes).

    My conclusion, they have stuffed up something with MobileMe. When I have it on the phone starts to heat up and battery falls apart. The phone becomes really sluggish too.

    Funnily enough the "Mac Genius" suggested it was Twitteriffic causing the problem.

    Tonight I'm reloading all my apps and music, and leaving MobileMe off for now. If tommorrrow everything is ok, then I know the culprit.
  • th3xf4ctor Level 1 Level 1
    Another problem i have been having is when i try to unlock my phone the slide either wont move or it wont let me enter my pin plus the tick noises you hear when you are typing a text for example are extremely quiet even though i have the volume all the way up. I just started having the issue with my 3g of when im outside the backlight is super bright and i cant see it and then at night there is no backlight so i cant use it. This is very fustrating apple and you need to release a new update either letting us go back to 3.0 which was great or a firmware update. Hurry it up!!!
  • Recto Bold Level 1 Level 1
    OK - So,clearly this is not an isolated issue. That said, the thread is now getting peppered with people who don't have the problem. It's not really helpful to have posts saying that everything is OK on your phone - We know this isn't affecting every single iPhone user. I think it'd be really helpful if at least you don't post to this thread unless you do have an issue. From a personal standpoint, the last thing I need when I'm putting up with this hassle is to hear that it's all good for someone else!

    Turning off e-mail is not an option; the whole idea of the iPhone is integration with e-mail and messaging. If I have to turn off e-mail to use my phone I might as well get an old Nokia and be done with it - One without e-mail.

    I got the battery life to a more usable state when I was in Sweden by turning everything off. Roaming, 3G, WiFi, Location Services. Naturally this uses less juice. Once I landed in London I turned 3G only back on. That was it - Back to the battery drain. 3G always uses more anyway but it took me from about 80% to 20% in a matter of a few hours. I wasn't even sending any e-mails or surfing on it.

    As others have reported, the unit now starts to get hot on the back (presumably due to the power drain) and I get lock ups where when the screen is locked and dark, touching it won't wake the phone up. It is also glacially slow at random times - Texting for example. In fact, texting a lot really drains the battery life down now, whereas before it didn't.

    Something is clearly wrong with this update for some users - Whatever it is we need Apple to fix it, since we're not getting reasonable use of the phone. I don't want to have to turn off major features of the phone to have to get a day's charge out of it - That's no solution.
  • Kurt Kellenberger Level 1 Level 1
    Same here with my 3G: shorter battery life, random coma, forced restarts, phone gets warm, all since 3.1. Don't know if this has been mentioned: my screen gets noticably Less bright at times, as if auto brightness is broken.
  • Stuart in Sydney Level 1 Level 1
    So my update is that it *is definitely MobileMe* on my iPhone. If I enable it the phone doesn't drop into Standby properly and the usage still keeps churning away. If I turn off Find My iPhone the usage doesn't rise as quickly when the phone is in standby but it still keeps going up even though I'm not using it.

    If this isn't resolved, my MobileMe account will become useless to me. For now I have turned off my MobileMe account and await 3.1.1. Nothing else will now solve the problem as without it configured, my battery usage with all apps loaded, all my music, Gmail fetch and Exchange Push is what it use to be. Even if I use MobileMe with Manual sync, the phone is obviously still trying to run something in the background. It is noticeably warmer.
  • th3xf4ctor Level 1 Level 1
    Today I found something really interesting. Not only did my iphone just shutdown randomaly and applications crash back to back but when i had 3g active with full bars i was never able to connect in a call. When i turned it off i magically was able to call people. Very interesting.
  • th3xf4ctor Level 1 Level 1
    Also for some reason now i cant send out mail from my exchange server that is linked to my iphone before update it was fine no problem what so ever but now it says you must enter a password in the settings. I have reentered the password numerous times and nothing works and i know the password is write. I can receive but not send out.
  • Rewski Level 1 Level 1
    It can't simply be MobileMe. My wife and I both have the iPhone 3G with a MobileMe account that we share so our contacts/calendars are always synced together. I have been having the bad battery problems like many wife, no problems whatsoever and we essentially have our phones set up exactly the same (mobileme, exchange push for our work, and the same apps using push notifications). I even got my phone replaced at an Apple Store last week because of the battery problems...but the battery drain prevails. Like everyone else, I get tons of usage even when it is only in standby, and I have noticed it getting much warmer too.
  • TimmE Level 1 Level 1
    I am another person with the 3.1 battery issue. Running both mobile me and exchange. Need both daily. Really *****, hope there is an update soon.
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