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    Well, here's one more confusing piece of info on this topic. As of this morning (knock on wood) my phone's battery drain stopped. Seemingly by magic. I haven't upgraded to 3.1.2 yet, and after this whole experience I probably won't right away. I came on to the boards here to see if anyone else had had this experience.

    The only changes I made were to start letting the battery drain out all the way before recharging. I think I read another person on here suggest it. I did that a few times, which given how fast it was draining was about one day, and then turned the phone off and plugged it in to recharge overnight. Today, it seems back to normal.

    I'm not saying that is what did it, but that was my experience. I didn't have any of the crashing or overheating problems, but I did have the battery drain and a very slow and poorly operating SMS/MMS. I didn't do any exotic solutions other than what I described above. Maybe it was luck or coincidence, but I'm hoping it stays this way. (fingers crossed)

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    yep same here, I have allowed the battery to died out and then recharge for good 6 hours overnight. Did the same thing 3 times, battery seems to last bit longer so hopefully it will be back to normal. "Indie_napolis" can you update on this in a week or two, I'll do the same.
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    Sadly that doesn't work for me; mine ran out countless times after 3.1 and died, and it hasn't improved any. Hoping 3.1.2 will cure the problem but it wasn't mentioned in the release notes....
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    about the feedback link posted on page 6 of this. This is A VERY GOOD IDEA AND ALL HAVING THE PROBLEM SHOULD FILL OUT THE FORM.

    Only problem, no hardware issue option in the pulldown, so I went with Bug Report. Here is my note to them:

    This would not be a bug report so to say, it is a hardware issue, but you did not have a hardware option in the selection list.

    I have been an iPhone user for almost 9 months and I am stuck with it for a 2 year contract. I have had nothing but issues with it doing updates, so it was replaced with a new one. Now, on my second phone, the issues still exist. The battery life is HORRIBLE. I carry 2 phones, a Blackberry 8830 and an iPhone. My Blackberry can last 5 days without a charge, and this is under heavy use since it is my work phone. My iPhone lasts approximately a half day on a charge, and this is with all the commonsense rules applied to it per the support page on battery life (which I think is a load of BS since I pay for a 3g phone, so why do I have to turn it off???).

    The battery life is now even worse now that I updated to 3.1 . I have witnessed the phones battery discharge while on a cradle charging with a 110v adapter. I have no idea how this would do this, but it has.

    Do I just go to a Genius bar once a week to get a phone with a battery that lasts a day, or is the phone's battery clearly underpowered from the start. It is unusable. I have forwarded all personal iPhone calls to my work Blackberry.

    The phone is a brick, a paperweight, and like I said before, unusable.

    Please Apple, recall all iPhones and get a battery in it that can actually handle what it should be able to.
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    I am disgusted with "Apple" charging people several hundred of dollars and not doing much about the battery's life shortage. Can someone please go to "A Current Affair NEWS" or something similar and tell them to make a report on this. I am sure it will reduce their sales. We should also tell our friends about this issue and to consider other mobile brand instead of Apple Iphone.
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    I know that did not address the battery but it is worse since it happened.
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    I have the same problem from a couple of days, my iPhone 3G with 3.1.2 firmware last less than 24 hours, I hope this was only a software problem and not a battery one.
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