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I just got final cut express and when i tried using it everything (video and audio) needed to be rendered. i heard rendering is a real drag so i decided i would just convert all my videos which are .mov format. I was wondering what would be the best format to convert them to, so they work on FCE and imovie09.
i also want these files to still play on my itunes, ipod, etc.

A1273, Mac OS X (10.5.6), iMac 20"/2.66/2gb/320/SD/MSE/KB
  • Tom Wolsky Level 10 Level 10 (113,380 points)
    Help us out here. What's the original media? SD? HD? What format? How are you going to convert it?

    "i also want these files to still play on my itunes, ipod, etc."

    That's not going to happen. iPod and iTunes and iPhone and Apple TV use delivery formats. They're not intended for production. You can convert your media to a production format and keep the original material for those devices.
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    i have MPEG streamclip to use as a converter. and all the videos are .mov format. i have about 100gb of footage and i don't have enough space to keep the original for my ipod, and a second copy for FCE.
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    I'm sorry but .mov means nothing. That just means it's a QuickTime file, and that's like saying it's a building. Please look at movie info in the QuickTime player and provide complete and exact information about what it says there. If you can't keep both copies you're going to have to decide what you want to do because you can't edit it as it is. You can render but then the render files will fill your hard drive in no time at all. You're probably going to need to get some more drive space.
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    If I export a rendered timeline project as full quality QT movie (not convertion)- can I import this QT file (.mov)to a new FCE project? Will it work, as do these QT file is good for FCE to work with?
    (I need to color correct the chroma, so I want to apply a desaturate or 3way color correct filters to the whole over-saturated project,; unless I'll get any better ideas)