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I just finished charging my iPod touch for a long time and I went over and took it off its charger. Then I noticed there's a red bar on the top of my screen that says iPod is disabled, connect to iTunes. So I went to my Mac and tried to do exactly that but when it tried to connect iTunes said "iTunes cannot connect to the iPod "insert my iPod's name..." because it is locked with a passcode. You must enter your passcode on the iPod before it can be used with iTunes." The problem is that I can't enter my passcode because my screen is frozen with the red bar at the top that has the sign telling me to connect to iTunes. I've tried restarting and resetting it and it hasn't worked. Any ideas?

Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    This one is not too bad to correct. You need to put your iPod into a recovery mode and then restore it. Here's the basic instructions on how to do that.

    1. Unplug your touch from your computer.
    2. Try to turn the touch off - hold the Sleep/Wake button until you see the Off slider. Turn it off.
    3. Start iTunes
    4. Hold the Home button down and while continuing to hold it down, plug the iPod into your computer. Keep holding that button until iTunes responds with "iPod detected in recovery mode". Follow the on screen instructions.

    Unless you get rid of the lock code, you will always have to do things this way when you have a problem.
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    I just tried doing what luvlab suggested but it didn't work. I went through the iPod update process but when it finished nothing came up so I disconnected my iPod and when i turned it on again the same message popped up.