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  • littleeden Level 1 (80 points)
    Hello again rc tech - how would I do that?

  • rc tech Level 2 (240 points)
    You'll have to use your Leopard disks to do a 'clean install'.
    Maybe if you report the problem to or they will fix the problem in one of their software updates...
  • littleeden Level 1 (80 points)
    Many thanks for your help with this rc tech.

    I have reported the issue via the feedback form, so fingers crossed for that update. Alternatively...

    Having visited the Apple store again and talked about this, yours and blueberry's original diagnosis of a graphics problem looks more and more likely. I have customised the layout quite a bit, adding a mixing section at the top, along with several transport controls, large waveform display etc, so it may be that I am over-stretching the capabilities of my Macbook somewhat, as I realise MS2 is rather graphics hungry.

    In order to try and address this, I've now simplified my layout a bit and will report any improvement or otherwise this brings about. Don't really want to downgrade to Leopard if it can be avoided.

    Thanks again
  • -groovatious- Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm having a very similar problem with my Mac Mini, Snow Leopard and MS2.1

    Sometimes when switching between Perform & Edit Modes, the system locks up and the screen becomes garbled - like someone has cut and pasted bits of the GUI all over different parts of the screen. There is NO way to regain control without powering off the Mini from the power button.

    Was seriously considering purchasing a new Macbook Pro 13 to run MS2 live but definitely won't be until this issue is resolved.
  • littleeden Level 1 (80 points)
    Hi Groovatious - for info, I have been in discussion with support at Apple who are looking at this and trying to replicate the issue. It would be helpful if you could submit feedback too, as it may help to give them more to go on.

    Meanwhile, if I hear anything else back from them I'll keep you posted.

  • mmhardky Level 1 (0 points)
    I'll tell them how to replicate that issue :

    Get a MBP 13" 10.6.1, run Mainstage 2.0.1 on an external LCD via MDP -> DVI adapter, edit the Patch List of the default concert preset in layout mode a bit, swith to Perform -> BOOOM!

    So yes, I have the same issue. This is really annoyng as I cannot change the graphic performance (as some suggested) on my 13" MBP (just 1 graphic card) and it makes the whole thing unrealiable and pointless! It does happen almost always after changing the layout (system freezes, graphic inferno on screen, cursor still works) and can happen in other situations as well).

    Fix this Apple!
  • lindafs Level 1 (0 points)
    I am having the same issue with Mainstage 2.01 - Mac Mini with 4 gigs of ram 2.0 processor Nvidia 94m video card. If I hit PERFORM it garbles the screen and freezes the system. Only way to recover it to turn system off and back on.

    There are no display settings to alter on this desktop mac.

    Anyone, get any resolve to this issue yet?

  • Blueberry Level 4 (2,920 points)
    Hoping it is fixed in 10.6.2 or downgrading to 10.5.8.
  • Woods2006 Level 1 (10 points)
    A workaround I am using on my imac is to lower the display resolution in System Preferences (from the default of 1900X1200 down to 1344X840), which seems to compensate for the slow graphics issue. This is not ideal as of course the graphics are not nearly as sharp, and I anxiously await a software update, but it is working for now.
  • lindafs Level 1 (0 points)
    I lowered the resolution as suggested and that seems to do the trick, which tells me this is a graphics bug in the program. I could not get it to crash in 1344X840 - thanks for the tip woodz2007, I sure hope they fix this soon. But at least the program is usable for now.
  • littleeden Level 1 (80 points)
    This seems to confirm what others have suggested, ie that lower spec Macs maybe don't have the cojones in the graphics dept to handle MS2. For my part, I've simplified my layout (which I had customised quite a bit), and removed fair bit of stuff I didn't really need. So far, I haven't had a recurrence, but I'm not uncrossing my fingers just yet!
  • Woods2006 Level 1 (10 points)
    Glad it helped you as well lindafs.
    I'm surprised Apple isn't advising people to do this when they contact support.
  • realtrance Level 1 (25 points)
    I haven't heard anything from Apple, but given the symptoms I am almost 100% certain this is due to the computer video RAM running out of.. er.. RAM.

    That scenario where it looks like someone has cut-and-pasted bitmaps of the interface randomly on the screen is the giveaway symptom; this happens when you've overloaded the video RAM, and it can't fit it all.

    This is why either switching to the Nvidia graphics chip that contains 512MB video RAM on the newer MBP systems, or downsizing to a lower resolution on older Macs, likely fixes the problem: you've doubled the amount of video RAM in the former case, and reduced the amount of video RAM required to load the Perform or Full Screen modes in the latter case.

    I'm sure eventually Apple will provide a fix for this, one way or the other; fortunately, it's a pretty obvious problem.
  • Blueberry Level 4 (2,920 points)
    Ups to 10.6.2, that probably fixes your graphic driver issue.
  • lindafs Level 1 (0 points)
    I updated to 10.6.2 and my graphics issue with Mainstage freezing is resolved. No longer freezes and works perfectly switching from one mode to another.

    Thanks apple!

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