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My Iphone's wifi had been working for months but recently I haven't been able to pick it up. When I try to find wifi my iphone just gets stuck trying to load the wifi networks but it never loads them. My laptop can pick up the wifi no problem but for some reason my iphone can't. Can anyone help me?

PC, Windows XP
  • Matthew Wilkinson Level 1 (25 points)
    Same here, right after I upgraded to OS 3.1 - not been able to use WiFi since the DAY I upgraded the software.
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    Hi Ryan,

    Have you recently made any changes to your iphone, email accounts or otherwise?

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    Hello - I'm joining the "no WiFi" club.
    I have some really specific technical questions and comments in the hope that a Developer or Support Techie from Apple will at last give an insight.

    My iPhone:

    WiFi: MAC address present, no Wifi symbol (not even a grey one), no networks found

    Jailbroken: yes (sorry Apple, but the AppStore is really over filled with completely useless apps (some of which, perhaps unethically, including Apple Inc. itself,use specific information about my phone's use) whereas Cydia provides some VERY useful ones)

    IMEI: present

    Bluetooth: hardware address present, greyed symbol, cannot find or pair.
    GPS: very slow to first aquisition

    All other telephone features are present and working properly.
    The phone had been getting warm when GPS active.


    1) Is it possible that the NOR checksum table has been corrupted at firmware upgrade? If so, how can this be corrected since each phone would have a unique table based on hardware/ firmware combination (perhaps very mainy possible configurations)?

    2) In what way does heat play a role in effecting the hardware? ie: high voltage drain on battery by WiFi chip heats up battery; or Wifi chip generates too much heat (not the battery).

    3) has the implementation of AT&T's auto-authentication for WiFi caused a bug? And can this implementation be disable anyway (since there is NO AT&T outside of the US!!)?

    4) Can any of the above result in permanently damaging the Wifi circuit where the only repair is a replacement?

    5) If this is true, is a general recall even possible by Apple? It would mean possibly hundreds of thousands of phones. That would be disastrous for Apple (check the current share price (NasdaqGS: AAPL)).

    I am very curious to hear what others feel about these issues and if my questions help more specific investigation.
    As a quick note to my fellow forum users: don't put your phone in the fridge. That's just plain dumb, and please stay focused on the topic of the thread. No one cares what you had for breakfast.
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    Same problem here on 3G model. Everything else works fine just not wifi. Headed down to the Apple store this weekend, will let you know what they say.
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    Update on my earlier post. Checked in at the Apple store Genius Bar, was told it was a hardware issue associated with the antenna. My warranty had expired 78 days ago however with a little pushing Apple issued my a new 3G phone with a 90 day warranty. Restoring the new phone now, so far so good...we will see once its done.