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Why do I have duplicate songs and how do I get these down to one? I am seeing some duplicate songs in iTunes. How can this happen? If I delete one of the duplicate songs will the other remain? When I am online in the iTunes store, will it prevent me from buying a song twice if I already own it? I loose track of this sometimes and hope that iTunes will protect me from my forgetful memory. Thanks

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
  • Limnos Level 8 Level 8 (43,065 points)
    Highlight a song. Press command+r to reveal the song in Finder. Do that for the duplicate. Are they in the same location? You can also check this by getting info on a file and checking its location in the summary info, then check for the other file.

    If you have a file in a folder that itunes doesn't control and then add the file to itunes it will place a cpy in the itunes folder when you add the file, leaving the original. Not sure how you ended up with two in itunes but I'd need to know the details of your preference settings.

    I don't know about the rest. I have never bought music from ITMS.
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    Make sure they are really duplicates before you delete them. They might be another version of the same song. They might be the same song on a different album.

    If you always use the same iTunes Store Account, you'll get a warning if you try to buy the same song again.

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    This is helpful. Some of the songs are from different albums but most of the duplicates have the same file name followed by _1.mp3 instead of .mp3. Also, I am finding some that have an .mp3 version and an .m4p version. What is .m4p? I do not recall hearing about that one again. Could someone be hacking into my MAC computer and creating duplicates or is this a bug or is it possible that I am doing this some way and am not aware of it?
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    M4P = Apple protected AAC file. Probably purchased when Apple was using Digital Rights Management on regular file purchases.

    You apparently also have some mp3 files from some source that are duplicates of your AAC versions.