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This is a long post, but the gist of it is, I want to know if I can delete 3 folders that reside in the library's of my deblee home folder and in the library folder that resides on the Mac HD. I've listed a summary of the folder contents, size and a directory of where each folder reside.

My eMac's HD is filling up quickly, and I'm trying to find a way to free up more space. I'm new to OSX and UNIX, and thought I'd better check here, with those more experienced and knowledgable, before I messed with the contents of the Library's.

I hope this makes sense.

In my deblee home folder, under library, there is a folder called Cache and in there is a folder called Quicktime The QT folder has a folder in it called "downloads".

(home icon) deblee
Library folder
Cache foilder
Quicktime folder
Downloads folder
00 folder 16.8 mbs
00 folder 1.2 mbs
01 folder
and it goes on thru 15 more folders.

When I tried to open the files in these folders I got a message from QT saying it wasn't a file it understood error -2048.

Can I delete these files, or do I need them to support some QT file I have on my HD?

Also there a Java folder, in the Cache folder.

(home icon) deblee
Library folder
Cache folder
Java Applets folder
cache folder
javapi folder
v 1.0 folder
file folder 14.6 mbs
jar folder 37.2 mbs

Do I need these files, in the file and jar folders, or can they be deleted?

Theres a printer folder,

Mac HD
Library folder
Printers folder 1.55gbs
Brothers folder
Canon folder 327mbs
Epson folder 630mbs
hp folder 243mbs
Lexmark 279mbs

There are many more Manuf Printer folders but the ones mentioned are the biggest. I don't have a printer, but will be getting one soon, most likely an Epson. Will I need all of these different Manuf's folders once I've decided on a printer, or can I delete them?

I have two font folders. One is in my deblee home folder under library (80 mbs) and the other in on the Mac HD in the library folder (149mbs). Is there suppose to be two Font folders? Does the computer use all those Fonts or can I delete the ones that aren't in use?

Sorry for the length of the post.

Thank you in advance,