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Hello all,

I managed to put most of the contents, including the Utilities folder, of my Applications folder, into the trash. I then proceeded to empty it. Lets not focus on how stupid that was, but instead on how I can recover the data that is now missing.

I own Diskwarrior, but here is my problem; my superdrive doesn't read or write and I don't have another mac with a firewire port around (nor do I have a firewire). Because I only deleted my application folder, much of my data is still around, so I'm not SOL. However, I would like to replace my Utilities folder.

Can I download the utilities from somewhere? Again, I can't use my OS install disc to repair my installation.

Also, is it possible to run Disk Warrior via a LAN or USB cable?


iBook G4, iMac G5, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
  • Texas Mac Man Level 8 (46,560 points)
    You said you don't have firewire. Do you mean yo don't have a firewire cable?

    You need to replace your disc drive. It doesn't have to be a super drive (reads & burns CDs & DVDs). It could be a combo drive (reads CDS & DVDs, burns CDs). Or just a CD/DVD reader. Thyen you can use your Restore disc to reinstall the applications. Which Mac is this on?

    DiskWarrior is a directory repair application. Does not have any of your apps including Utilities. You can't download Utilities.

     Cheers, Tom

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    The best bet would be to reinstall from disk. If your optical drive does not work you can use an external DVD ROM drive.

    Failing that, you can try DataRescue II. You can download the demo version and see if recognizes your stuff. If it does you will need to purchase the license to actually recover your stuff. However, the trick is to use your computer as little as possible or not at all so as not to overwrite the data. Dr. Smoke's FAQ Data Recovery has helpful hints.

    A third option is to remove your HDD, place it in a Firewire enclosure and connect it to another Mac that supports firewire, boot the second Mac from the install disk and install your stuff. Rather than trying install just the apps, I would do an archive and install.