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I loaded a month's worth of photos onto the iPod from Photoshop Elements. There are several in that bunch I want to remove, but I can't find how to delete them. I have 332 photos in "Photo Library" on the iPod, yet in iTunes under "Library" in the left column there is no listing for Photos. In Windows Explorer (I'm running Vista Ultimate) I find Pictures/Apple iPod Photo Cache with 50 folders under it labeled F00 to F50. Those folders have nothing in them. The iPod 3.1 User Manual does not address any of this. I'll appreciate any assistance here. Thanks.

Desktop, Windows Vista
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    this is the easiest way to manage photos.

    1. create a folder (mine is called 'ipod photos')
    2. put all the photos you want on your ipod in that folder
    3. open itunes, plug in your ipod.
    4. on the overview screen, click the photos tab
    5. check the, 'sync photos from' box.
    6. browse to the folder you want to sync with
    7. sync
    8. to add/delete, add/delete from the original 'ipod photos' folder

    if you want to have subfolders on your ipod, then inside your 'ipod photos' folder, create subfolders and place the photos in there.
    e.g. i have a folder called ipod photos, with subfolders, family, friends, other.
    on my ipod i have four folders, family, friends, other, and Photo Library (the ipod automatically places ALL the folders in the 'Photo Library' folder.

    if you want to put your pictures in a specific order, put a number in the photo name (e.g. 01 Mum, 02 Dad, 03 Birthday.) if you have more than 100 photos you might need 001, 002, 003, i'm not sure.
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    Thank you, Anna. That works just fine, but I also find that creating an iPod album within Photoshop Elements 7 can do the same thing, and I can add, delete or rearrange the photos in that album very easily. I appreciate your helpful step-by-step instructions.

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    i guess it doesn't matter how you create the album, just as long as you can access it within itunes to tell it to sync. i don't have photoshop so i didn't know about that.
    glad you've sorted it