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I am manually synching music to my IPod Nano. With the IPod disconnected, it lists 6 podcasts under the Podcast category. However, when plugged into ITunes, I can't find these 6 podcasts in my IPod list to delete them. I found three (which I want to keep), but can't find the other 3. Any ideas? Can you delete any content directly from the IPod (I don't think you can).
Thanks for any help.

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    Hello Mike,
    And welcome to Apple Discussions!

    First of all, as you guessed, there is no way to directly delete the content from your iPod.

    As for the podcasts, are you sure that none of them are under the Music section of your iPod? Where did you find the first 3? From under the "Podcasts" tab for your iPod in iTunes?

    Here is another article on how to delete songs and such from your iPod if need be.

    Let me know. Would love to help.

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    Thanks, but I couldn't find them under the music tab either. In fact, I could find 4 of my 6 podcasts in ITunes, but the other two, I can't find anywhere on my ITunes at all!! Both in the IPod drop-down list in the left column, as well as in the lisign of the music and podcasts for my entire ITunes (I have lots more songs in ITunes than on my IPod). I can't find these two podcasts anywhere on ITunes, but when I disconnect my IPod and look under the Podcast category, there they are!! Very frustrating!
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    Hello Wayne, I am chasing a similar problem where I used iTunes to manually delete some of the played Podcasts from my 5th gen Nano - they disappeared from the Podcast view in iTunes, but are still visable and playable on the Nano itself.

    I've found a way how you should be able to see them - use iTunes to create a "smart playlist" on your Nano, set the rules Genre contains Podcast and playcount >0 ... and for me when I do this I can see all of the podcasts I have played before that are still on the Nano.

    What I am stuck with is how to delete them!

    I have found them in the file library, just not brave enough to manually delete them from there - not sure if that will result in me getting memory space back - or just with a corrupt index!
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    I, too, have the same problem. Did anyone get it resolved? If so, what fixed it?
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    I had the same problem and this is how I (kind of) solved it:
    simply choose those podcasts in your library that cannot be deleted from your ipod. Then you change the media type of the podcast by going to "get info" - "options" - "media type = e.g. Audiobook". Then sync your ipod and the podcasts will be deleted properly.
    The tricky thing is: if you change the media type later to make it appear under "podcasts" in your library again and sync your ipod again - then you end up where you started.
    The way I finally did it was to delete them from my library (choose "keep files" when being asked) and sync you ipod once again.
    Hope this helps