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I have a browsing habit that is incompatible with marriage and having Private Browsing available is a very big temptation.
I was able to remove Private Browsing from Safari 3 but am unable to find out how to remove it from version 4.
I have Snow Leopard and have installed Xcode Tools. It seems that most of the browsers are starting to add Private Browsing to their software.
Please help as I want to stay married

iMac 2.66GHZ, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
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    Trade your Mac for a PC.
    In a matter of hours, it will be infected and fail to even bootup.
    Let me know if you're selling your Mac...
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    I doubt that you'll be able to do this, and I suspect it may be because Apple uses code signing for their applications, so even if you were able to alter the UI to remove that item from the menu, Safari would probably fail to operate at all. And using Safari 3 won't work, since it's not compatible with Mac OS X 10.6.

    If you want to stay married, professional therapy is in order if you can't control your predilections.
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    Interface Builder can no longer edit the compiled ".nibs" files in Safari 4 and other apps.
    But like you said, therapy is the way to go - although my first method is cheaper and GUARANTEED to work...
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    There's no technological solution unless you have someone else set up barriers via another account and they remove the administrator privileges from your account (essentially treating your user account like one would a child). As long as your account has administrator privileges, there's no barrier that you couldn't turn off.

    I hate to get into personal issues, but I agree with the suggestion above; if you are addicted to this extent that you need protection from yourself and your urges, professional counseling is probably called for.

    Good luck. Dealing with any sort of addiction isn't easy.
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    I have a feeling it's the wife (or husband) using private browsing.

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