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Apple - or appleholics - please help me; a windows switch-over is a stake.

I talked my wife into getting a MacBook Pro to replace her old, dying, Windows XP machine. She counted on me to move her saved emails from Outlook on XP into apple mail. (Note: she's NOT connecting to an exchange server, just uses outlook to get her POP mail.)

It turns out that Apple mail doesn't import directly from Outlook - but I soon determined that Thunderbird will import from Outlook, and Apple Mail from Thunderbird. Perfect!

(NOTE: Only as an ABSOLUTE LAST RESORT am I going to suggest that she use Thunderbird as her email client on her MacBook Pro - I'm hoping for ideas to AVOID this option.)

The Outlook/Thunderbird import took a long time, but completed successfully. Sure enough, in Thunderbird I can see all her messages there. I had her do some cleanup in Thunderbird, and then I did the import into Apple Mail. It seemed to go fine...

But soon she discovered that some of the archived emails DID NOT PORT OVER. They made it into T-Bird just fine, and can still be seen there -- but even when I do a fresh import - and even if I import to Apple Mail the specific sub-folder mbox files that got skipped - certain messages just refuse to import, no matter what I do.

Any ideas?

I'm aware of LittleMachines' "Outlook2Mac" program - $10 shareware - but I have no confidence that it will succeed where this other, perfectly valid method has failed - and don't care to stake $10 on the possibility.

MacPro Quad 3.9Ghz, Mac OS X (10.6.1), 8GB memory, 23 Inch AGP display