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Last year I bought the application 'iPref' for almost 4 €. With the new software 3.0, the application is not working anymore... I saw that this application is now for free. I wrote to the application developer but until now no answer Do you know where I could get my money back? How can it be that first an application is not for free and not working and afterward the application is for free? Is it possible to have my money back?
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    You can try iTunes (on your computer) > Store menu > View My Account > Purchase History, find the app, and use the Report a Problem link.
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    I tried it already (sorry I forgot to mention it) but no news too...
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    Apple does have policy that they can refund if you contacted them within 90 days of the app purchase.

    As for cost changes, that is up to the developer.
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    Your post says the app doesn't work "anymore." When you bought it a year ago, I guess it worked. As to why it might be free now? Some companies charge for apps until they develop something else, then put the first one for free to generate interest in their newer products. Some re-cover their development costs with a profit then put the app for free. Some expand upon their app's capibilities and charge for the enhanced version while putting the original version out for free. Some switch to "free" by selling ads in their software. After a year, I doubt most companies would refund your money, especially when they have updated the app to work with iPhone's current OS. You should probably just delete the old app and download the free newer version so it works again and enjoy it.