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I just lost all of my music organization for the 3rd time and have had enough.What is a good alternative to itunes.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5)
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    I don't know of any. What problem is iTunes causing for you?

    I find that I can use iTunes interface to do anything I want with my music collection. I have never found the need to muck around in the iTunes folder to change anything, and I don't care how it's organized.

    But, if you have a specific problem, maybe someone can help you with it, if we know what it is.
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    I've heard rhythmbox is nice.
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    Do you have a question about iTunes?

    iTunes works fine for me since Apple bought SoundJam.

    There was onetime at iT v5 that I have a problem - out came v6 and I have been void of problems since.

    Now - what is that iTunes is doing that is causing problems for you?

    If you have the options in iTunes prefs>Advanced - keep and copy - selected then iTunes will do the work for you. Remember that iTunes is a data base manager - any moves made of files in the Finder are moves that iTunes can follow. I suspect that if you are moving things outside the iTunes interface then you a creating your own problems.

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    Long story on how I got to this point. But I actually I just made a little headway.I just opened itunes and it said it couldnt find the library so I went and located it.Now I have all of my music listed but when I go and try to listen to a song it says this song can not be located so I locate it and that song will now play.I now need to know how to locate all the songs at once I do know where they are.

    Thanks everyone for your time
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    Tried Songbird? It's not perfect but might be an alternative.
    Personally I don't like iTunes because some small details...

    No possibility to create smart playlists based on path.
    Not able to use Album Artist in Column Browser.
    The non standard list-selection (shift+up/down arrow does not follow standard behavior).