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All of the buttons and the slide to turn off works, but I cannot slide to unlock. I have restored, restarted, and upgraded all software. Any ideas? It is frustrating when the phone rings and I cannot answer it.

Windows Vista
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    It looks like it is actually a touch screen problem. When I press and hold the top button to turn it off, it won't let me use the cancel button at the bottom of the screen either. Can half of the touchscreen go bad?
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    Try a Hard Reset:

    Hold the HOME button and SLEEP/WAKE button together until the Apple Logo appears on the screen.

    For more info:

    I hope this helps.
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    The exact same thing happened to my phone. I updated to 3.1 and now I cant use the phone at all. I can slide to turn it off but thats al I can do.
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    As lots of users I am having the problem that my iPhone takes many seconds to unlock once I "slide to unlock" it could sometimes take 5 to 10 seconds before my telephone reacts.
    This is really anoying, because I can't even pick up a phonecall when this happens, I have to wait untill my phone stops ringing, and then I suddenly can unlock the phone and I have to call that person back (this cant be the meaning of a phone)
    I recently noticed that this must have to do with wifi. I disabled wifi for almost 2 weeks, and I never noticed the problem again. The moment I put wifi back on, the same problem starts again. the screen stays black when I want to get it out of sleep, and after a while it gets back to life.

    The part that makes me angry is that I have this problem for a long time. and always everyone said to me it was because of the 'coma mode' so I supposed it to be a software problem and the update would fix it. Now last month my warranty and support expired, and I have updated my phone to the new 3.1.2 (which I tought would solve the problem) but now it seems not to be a software problem, and my phone is just not capable to run wifi and reacty normal at the same time! If I had known this earlyer I would have give it back to Apple, to get a new one, one that works while I still had warranty (last month). But since that coma mode problem I let my warranty expire and thought the new update would fix my problems.

    So this leaves me with a phone advertised to have wifi, but actually is not able to use wifi. (at least not if you want to make sure you can answer your calls whenever they come in)

    I know I won't get any feedback from Apple (I have to pay to get feedback of course) but I just wanted to say this.
    Maybe this could help people with the same problem.
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    I am having this identical problem with my phone.

    It is 3 days old and all I can do is turn on the screen and slide the bar at the top to power it off.

    I can't slide to unlock to answer a phone or turn an alarm off. I have zero access to the phone and can only answer an incoming call with my headset.

    It is totally annoying.

    This is my 3rd iPhone. Are they just giving out crappy replacements at the stores?

    I hate having to buy replacement screen protectors each time I get a new phone.
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    Oh - and I have restored the phone to factory conditions.

    And then restored the phone to a past sync from my old phone before this started to happen and before it was replaced.

    That's about all we can do before making a Genius Bar appointment and getting another phone and keeping my fingers crossed that one will work.
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    would you please tell me, how did you restore the software, because i lost mine, thanks, my e-mail is kmussa@njcu.edu

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    After I updated to the software 2.2.1 every time that an unknown number calls my phone just crashes. I can wake up the phone but the slide to unlock does not work and I have to restart the phone. It bothers me because I receive a lot of VoIP and international calls where their number are not shown.

    Anyone with the same problem or have a solution to it?


    I have not updated to the most recent software because every time I update the phone become slower and unstable.

    I know they do that so I have to upgrade to the new iPhone and woild, but I like how the original iPhone was made of aluminum rather the cheap plastic feeling of the new iPhone 3G (s). Hopefully the next gen of iPhone is made of aluminum again.