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After the upgrade to SL, I had many duplicate contacts and groups. Looking in the ~/Library/Application Support/Address Book folder, I found two 'AddressBook-v22' files. I moved the older file to the desktop, and the issue of duplicates was resolved. However, I lost all my connections to the Exchange 2007 address book. What is the best way to resolve this?

Update -- I did the obvious and recreated the Exchange account in the address book preferences and I am re-connected to our server. But again ... I have a host of duplicate address book entries that show up when I click on 'All Contacts.' They do NOT appear when I select 'On My Mac.)

Interestingly, I have two AddressBook-v22' files again: One at ~/Library/Application Support/Address Book and another one layer deeper at ~/Library/Application Support/Address Book/Address Book. Interesting to see the nested 'Address Book' directory.

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    All Contacts shows a combination of On My Mac as well as your accounts (such as Exchange).

    Can you locate the nested Address Book folder in Finder, perform Get Info, and figure out the creation and modification dates?
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    Thanks ...
    I ended up doing something I didn't really want to do, that is deleting all my contacts on our Exchange server and retaining my address book records.

    My Exchange contacts came from Entourage, prior to SL, and were mostly simple duplicates. After the upgrade to SL, I had nearly 6,000 entries in my Address Book and response time was beginning to lag.

    Not the best or most elegant choice, but I've never found AB to handle large collections well.