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RBbeachbum Level 1 (0 points)
Since 3.1 update, my phone has been disconnecting from the network. That means I can't send/recieve calls or texts, and can't get to the data network using Safari or applications.

When I try to send a text or email, it shows that it wasn't delivered. When trying to make a call, it says that's its calling, but the call never goes through. Incoming calls go to voicemail instead of ringing the phone. When starting an app, I receive the following message "Network Error. Failed to connect. Please check that airplane mode is off." (It is). In Safari I get "Safari can not open page. Server not responding".

All the while, the phone is showing four bars on the 3G network. Turning 3G off or restarting the phone solves the problem. I have had to do that two, three, four times a day now. I've noticed many other people reporting this problem.

I spoke with Applecare yesterday, and they told me to go to ATT to replace my SIM card which I did last night. So far (twelve hours later), the phone is working. I'll report back in a couple of days if this did indeed fix the problem.

On a side note, I'm shocked that an update to the firmware could cause such a severe problem. Another gripe that I has is Apple's replacement policy. My current phone is a replacement to my original iPhone which had a defective GPS. When I spoke to Applecare yesterday, they confirmed that my replacement phone was a refurb, and not a new phone. My original phone was less than 30 days old when I reported the problem. I would expect a new phone within the first 30 days and not a refurbished phone in which I'm potentially inheriting someone else's problems.

I expected more from Apple. The iPhone is a great phone, but my excitement for the iPhone and Apple has dwindled considerably after they released such a buggy upgrade and after learning about their replacement policy.

iPhone 3GS, Other OS, OS 3.1
  • RBbeachbum Level 1 (0 points)
    I picked up a new SIM card last Thursday. So far this has resolved the problem, though I must say that I'm loosing the 3G network and switching to Edge more frequently, especially in Arlington VA. My coworkers that have 3G and 3GS phones have not upgraded to 3.1 and do not lose 3G.
  • RBbeachbum Level 1 (0 points)
    The new SIM card did not solve the problem after all. My phone won't receive send/receive texts or calls and is disconnected from the data network. Going to set up an appt. at the Apple store...
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    Done that! they told me to restore as new. That didn't work either. It's been 2 weeks, 2 restores and problem is still there. Good luck.
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    Switch the phone to edge and turn 3g off, I have had the same issue along with others. There are numerous threads on here about this issue. If I am not browsing the web I leave 3g off. Two iphones have both done the same thing with 3.1 and worked perfectly fine with 3.0.1. It would be nice if apple would get this issue fixed especially since I didnt buy a first gen iphone.
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    I've had the exact same annoying problem on the french Orange network since yesterday evening .
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    get your phones replaced at an apple store with refurbished phones that have 3.0.1 on them. We did with both of our 3gs's and all is well.

    We even a few days(9/25)ago upgraded again to 3.1 with our new phones, and they still work flawlessly. I was scared to upgrade again to 3.1, but applecare assure me if the problem came back, they would replace the handsets immediately with no troubleshooting required.

    I did delete the original 3.1 restore file on our computers and had itunes download it again before upgrading. Maybe that made some difference, but I doubt it.

    Just get a new phone and be done with it, if you can of course.
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    I did get a new phone and waited two weeks to do the update again on the new phone. This phone has done the same thing also. I also downloaded a new version of 3.1 and like I said this phone did the same thing.
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    I have had the same issue, even with a new phone with 3.1:

    DO you all have email configured? I have a gmail account using google apps and exchange configured. Curious to see if you have similar configs.
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    You can take care of the issue by turning off 3g and using edge.
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    While I'm at it, I'll jump in my time machine and time travel back 2 years. Not being rude, just flabbergasted Apple suggests switching off all the functionality that paid good money for. I will try that out though,
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    Not saying the apple GENUIS told me to do it, they didnt know anything. This is what myself and others have found that works. I agree with you I didnt buy a 1st gen iphone either.
  • NewtonHeath Level 1 (0 points)
    Switched to edge. Hello 2007. Man, I forgot how sloooooooooow it is. I'll update in a day or so if I'm still running without issue.
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    This topic is marked by the moderator as "solved"! So the solution to the software bug introduced in OS 3.1 is to downgrade my iPhone 3G to the Edge network. Hmmmm... Does that mean they're going to refund part of my purchase price to reflect the drop in performance. How about AT&T refunding part of my phone bill each month since Apple made sure I can't use the performance I paid for. What gives? When will a fix to the random paperweight problem going to be forthcoming from APPLE!!???@@?????
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    I also had the problem of network disconnects, and worked my way through the Apple Support and had the phone replaced. If I had to do it over again, I would first visit AT&T and have the SIM card replaced. By doing this up front, it will assist in whether or not the problem is AT&T or Apple. Other than the wait in the AT&T store, and having to have a valid ID, this process took less than a minute and if it should fix you issue, consider yourself lucky. I would next deal with the Apple help desk for as far as you can (in No. VA. it takes about 2-3 days to get an appointment with the local Apple Genius. The people I dealt with were willing to tell me in advance the things that should be done prior to going to the Apple Store. The steps that I was asked to do included hard reset, resetting the network settings, resetting the phone to factory settings, restoring the phone and then just synching the applications and data to the phone.

    Once I got the new phone and had AT&T replace the SIM card I haven't had any problems, but it was alot of work to get there.
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