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Since 3.1 update, my phone has been disconnecting from the network. That means I can't send/recieve calls or texts, and can't get to the data network using Safari or applications.

When I try to send a text or email, it shows that it wasn't delivered. When trying to make a call, it says that's its calling, but the call never goes through. Incoming calls go to voicemail instead of ringing the phone. When starting an app, I receive the following message "Network Error. Failed to connect. Please check that airplane mode is off." (It is). In Safari I get "Safari can not open page. Server not responding".

All the while, the phone is showing four bars on the 3G network. Turning 3G off or restarting the phone solves the problem. I have had to do that two, three, four times a day now. I've noticed many other people reporting this problem.

I spoke with Applecare yesterday, and they told me to go to ATT to replace my SIM card which I did last night. So far (twelve hours later), the phone is working. I'll report back in a couple of days if this did indeed fix the problem.

On a side note, I'm shocked that an update to the firmware could cause such a severe problem. Another gripe that I has is Apple's replacement policy. My current phone is a replacement to my original iPhone which had a defective GPS. When I spoke to Applecare yesterday, they confirmed that my replacement phone was a refurb, and not a new phone. My original phone was less than 30 days old when I reported the problem. I would expect a new phone within the first 30 days and not a refurbished phone in which I'm potentially inheriting someone else's problems.

I expected more from Apple. The iPhone is a great phone, but my excitement for the iPhone and Apple has dwindled considerably after they released such a buggy upgrade and after learning about their replacement policy.

iPhone 3GS, Other OS, OS 3.1
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