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I am not a whiz with electronics or computers, so I apologize if my question is stupid. I have been told by friends that if you connect your iPod to a new computer or into a different computer's iTunes program, that your iPod will basically become a blank slate, and will delete everything. I have a lot of trouble believing this, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

I have a three year old 30GB iPod video, and I recently bought a new netbook to take with me abroad, so I don't have my usual laptop. However, I'd like to download iTunes (hopefully an older version if possible--I've seen so many horrible tags about iTunes 9) and buy some albums to put on it.

So is it true or false?

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    Hello mailbox (nice ),

    In one sense yes. However, nothing will be wiped from the iPod, unless you give the OK to once you plug it into the new computer. Upon connecting it to the new computer for the first time, you will see a message prompt that asks you if you would like to "Erase and Sync", "Transfer Purchases", or "Cancel."

    There are a few "potential" solutions in this case.
    1. If you still have the computer you originally set your iPod up with, you can set it up to manually manage music and vidoes, which will enable you to sync the iPod with multiple computers (as long as they have the same O/S) without the risk or hassle of having to delete everything. Here is something information on this route. [Using iPod with multiple computers|http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1202]

    2. You can copy all the music you currently have on your iPod to the new machine. For instructions, steps or methods on how to accomplish this task, I would check out this older thread of mine.

    Hope this helps.